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How has life changed?

A look back at almost a year, I thought it would be interesting to see how has life changed since having a baby?  How has your relationships changed with your partner, family, friends, etc?  How about work or time at home, going out?  What do you look forward to?

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Re: How has life changed?

  • Ill play.  The biggest thing I have noticed is that you cant just run in for a second to any store, like the gas station.  It takes time now to run into target to get one thing.  I have also taken to using places with a drive thru for this same reason.  My internal clock is now set to 7am instead of 9am.  My friends without kids have melted into the back ground, I am no longer the first one called to go do something.  The movies is no longer a spur of the moment thing,  it takes a few days to plan it. 

    I am my MIL's favorite person and she drives me crazy.  Would have nothing to do with me for 8 years and now we are BFF's I her eyes.  calls 3 times a week and wants to come visit twice a month. 

    DH and I are handling things,  the bedroom activity needs work but I am so tired once I get LO to bed I just don't want to deal with his neediness.  DH is not real helpful with LO,  and does not understand the amount of time she needs during the day (weekends) and why I cant have the house spotless after being home all weekend when he is out of town. But she is getting really excited now when he gets home so he is starting to really bond with her.

    Lo loves her Grammy, grandpa and Gram,  but has not really bonded with Papa (my dad).  She sees him once a month but it is usually an overnight trip so she sees him from 6:pm to 8pm and that's it.  So this weekend I will start making monthly trips to visit him for entire weekends to try and help her bond with him as well. 

    Work is work.  Its hard being the supervisor and knowing that I have no one to cover for me then having to be out because Lo is sick. DH cant take off because of the nature of his job.    

    wow this turned out longer than I expected...


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  • alfriedeck  . no such thing anymore as just going to a movie on the spur of the moment. in fact, I think I've only been to the movies maybe once since I had LO!

    My biggest change is the amount of physical activity. I never ever go home and sit down to watch a tv show anymore...if I'm not feeding/changing/playing with LO, I'm taking 2 seconds to clean the house/laundry/dishes/dogs/etc. I never have a moment to sit down, unless LO is asleep. he also wouldn't let me sit down even if I did have a moment! he wants me next to him all the time. it's  crazy that I still have so much of the baby weight on me. I've never been so active in my life.

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