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RE today and dual citizenship

We had our long awaited trip to the RE today and I love him!  My DH get's to do a 'deposit' next Saturday and I have a whole slew of bloodwork to do along with an HSG.  He confirmed by Vaginal Ultrasound (even though I'm CD2 EWWW) that I have a normal uterus with both ovaries filled with follicles - aka PCOS.  I already knew this, but he said it looked like we needed to get it under control.  He is going to put me on Metformin after I do all my bloodwork. 
So, my timing was perfect to go in today - according to the RE.  Because I'm CD2, it was great timing for Ultrasound and bloodwork.  Unfortunately, the nurse didn't want to do my bloodwork in the office because the AMH has to be a frozen sample and is 'often rejected' unless it's done at the actual lab.  OK ladies, I get it because I have been that nurse.  The nurse that wants to go home on a Friday and the snow is coming,  blah blah blah.  I know it would've take her an hour to draw it, spin it, seperate it, spin it again and then freeze it for pick up Monday.  I get it, so I told her I would go to the lab tomorrow.

**She gave me a warning about the HSG that it required Valium?  HUH?  Help me out ladies - did you need valium or just a bunch of Ibuprofen when you had yours?**

Also, the good news is  that all my #'s looked good for the bloodwork my OB/GYN drew over the summer - ie, AMH, EStradiol, FSH, LH and Prolactin.  He's just doing a repeat because it's been 6 months along with Genetic markers while we're at it.

On a side note:  I am doing dual citizenship, as I have not decided to leave TB yet.
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Re: RE today and dual citizenship

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    Your apt sounds like it couldn't have gone better. Other than lazy nurse not wanting to do her job!!!!
    I never had HSG but most woman just take ibuprofen before hand.
    Hopefully the meds will get the PCOS under control and you will have success.
    And thanks for sticking around here

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    All welcome

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    I didn't have Valium for my HSG.. I did cramp a lot and felt a burning as the dye went in but ibuprofen helped.  Everyone is different with how they respond to the test, I didn't have any blockages but still cramped, they think my tubes spasm-ed.  Just take the ibuprofen an hour before and you'll be fine.  Good luck! 
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    happyktmom It sounds like a great appointment and like your RE has a good roadmap for your care, so that's awesome news! With my HSG I didn't take anything at all (I've cut ibuprofen for fertility reasons) there was very mild cramping and then nothing. I didn't have any blockages. I hope the meds will help with the PCOS. Thanks for still being here!
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    Glad you had a good appointment! I hear ya about the AF u/s. Super gross. I had one on Christmas Eve at 7 AM. I kept thinking what a short stick that nurse drew.
    I have had two HSGs. One was fine and I needed nothing. One was painful due to tech inexperience IMO. If you are ok with paps I would say you would be fine with a precautionary over the counter. I have heard that for those with blocked tubes it is more painful. Mine were not blocked.
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    Your appointment sounds like it went well! Great timing too. :) I've had two HSGs and was told 800 mg of ibuprofen. I forgot the first time and took it 15 minutes prior the second time. I had so e cramping but it was over quickly.
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    Great timing! So glad it went well. I know what you mean about the US. I don't know if I'll be comfortable with that, ever. As for the HSG I only had a little cramping when the dye went in and it was all over before I left the room. I just took Tylenol too.
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    Thanks so much ladies! I'm feeling really great about the whole thing now.  I'm really hoping I can get my HSG scheduled for next week or we have to wait another month - BOO!
    I had all my bloodwork this morning.  It went great.  It really helps when you have such nice and efficient people at a lab.  I haven't experienced that in a long time. 
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    Me(38)PCOS/Hypothyroid   DH(43)Low T/ED
    MMC at 10 weeks 03/2011 DD born 01/2012   TTC #2 since 04/2014
    BFP 8/26/2016

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