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Any good places in NOVA for a 1st birthday?

I wanted to have my little ones first birthday with just hubby at home. He's invited his mother, sister and 9yo nephew (who will now be staying in my small townhouse :-/). When my mother found out, now her and my father are coming. We don't have any babies to invite and with the exception of our friends, there wouldn't be anyone else coming.

My mother is in a scooter, so now that she is coming, I can't have it at my townhouse because she can get in my house due to steps (we don't even have much of a relationship so I wish she wasn't coming at all!).

My hubby rented our neighborhood clubhouse (?!?!), so I checked it out today. $250 before I have even bought food or decorations is expensive to me, not to mention the stress and work to have this party (which will likely be 6 adults, 1 child and 1 birthday boy). question is, can anyone recommend a restaurant or some other place in NOVA to have my little ones first birthday????
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