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Clothing vent

I'm 5w4d so I'm not showing yet but I am so BLOATED!!!! I wish I was showing because then at least I'd look pregnant instead of fat. None of my clothes fit and I literally feel like this happened overnight because I didn't feel like this yesterday when I got dressed! This morning I'm noticing new bloat and it's making me angry!

Re: Clothing vent

  • LOL Not to laugh at you but I think we've allll been there. It's no fun.  I FINALLY feel like I look pregnant and not just fat. For the longest time I felt like I looked like I ate a huge plate of brownies instead of actually looking like i"m growing a human. 
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  • Yep, been there and it's no fun at all... I was the same up to about 20 weeks. Gas-X and Colace helped when things got really out of hand!
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  • Been there. I think someone on this board started calling it their baby blump

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    Ugh I hear you.

    My last pregnancy, I looked pregnant from around 6 weeks. And even though we know it was all just bloat yada yada yada, the reality was I looked pregnant, and it was a real mission to hide it at work until we were further along.

    I put on a blouse that was reasonably loose around the middle when I bought it. Today it was straining at the buttons. (I'm just past 5 weeks)

    This is my 4th pregnancy, I think my stomach muscles have just completely given up.
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  • Yes, that is a hard stage to be in, when you're outgrowing your clothes but it's not a cute bump yet.

    I remember really questioning myself if it was being pregnant or actually I just was eating too much! And there's that in between regular clothes and maternity clothes phase that is frustrating, too. When you do start to show, this will all be a distant memory.

    Toward the end I started outgrowing my maternity clothes even. I felt like Homer Simpson with a belly sticking out below my shirts.
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  • Thanks ladies! It helps to know I'm not alone in this. All I want to wear is leggings and t-shirts which is fine for around the house but not a good look at work!!!
  • i'm at 10 weeks and I am down to two pairs of pants that are not maternity, i'm trying to hold off on using the maternity pants as I don't really have a bump large enough to hold them up. I don't really want to purchase more fat clothes.
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  • I'm at almost 13 weeks. My dress pants fit as they're pretty low on my hips to be more comfortable sitting. My jeans however do not. At all.

    I don't mind maternity shirts to have room, but why must they be so dang ugly? I actually bought some empire waist tops from Torrid. Too big in my back at shoulders, but boobs room with some to spare and a good bit of early bump room.
  • lisahe1 said:
    Thanks ladies! It helps to know I'm not alone in this. All I want to wear is leggings and t-shirts which is fine for around the house but not a good look at work!!!
    Just replace the t-shirts with a-line dresses and you're good to go!


  • @lisahe1‌ this actually makes me feel better that you're saying this! I am 4w 6d and I look like I'm 3 months at least. Ugh I just keep thinking what I'm going to look like when I really am at 3 months. Even before my ER I was bloated, I just thought it would get better not worse! MH says maybe when I get to stop the injections it will go down. I don't think it works that way!
  • @CML11 I was super bloated until around 20 weeks; Gas-X and Colace really helped me. I only take them occasionally (Gas-X maybe once a month and Colace twice a week or so) but the combo has been a godsend to minimize bloat.  Now I can actually button low-rise jeans that i had no hope of buttoning in the first trimester.
  • Every phase brings it's own wardrobe challenge - but it's temporary, right? I'd go ahead a buy a nice pair of black (versatile) maternity pants to get you through these inbetween phases. So worth it.
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  • I just got my shipment from old navy. I love their maternity line everything just looks like normal not some weird matronly crap. I was really disappointed with kohls selection.
    So back to old navy, i bought one size up and the sidepanel jeans are way to big, but the skinny "rockstar" with a low smaller panel are good togo.  Really cute sweaters and tees that are nice and long. My DD who is 15, wanted some to wear with leggings. Def. check out old navy.
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  • @marijaa333‌ oh after this ER I was so constipated, for days. Let's just say several days of Colace combined with my Colitis is like mixing pop rocks and coke when it finally caught up with me!

  • I picked up a few pairs of yoga pants and several over-sized shirts on amazon. That worked for a bit but now I am 12 weeks. So I really needed some professional outfits for work. Macy's had a sale on suits so I just bought a couple a size bigger than usual. I figure I will still need them once the baby comes. Also think I will invest in one of those bellabands so I can wear my pants later without needing to button them.
  • I liked your post because that was me at 8 weeks. I gave in and bought maternity clothes so I could breathe.

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