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Today feels surreal...only 19 hours until I get to see my LO! It seems like this day has come too soon and yet not soon enough.  I should be 8w5d by then.  Last time the baby stopped growing at 6w1d and the HB eventually gave way.  My DH tells me not to worry that God will bless us with this baby, but I can’t help my doubts and fears.  My father says the Lord knew the timing wouldn’t work out right with the last one. (Since we are currently moving into a new place which would have put me at 34 wks.)  I have to agree I think packing an entire house plus preparing a new house before the baby came would have put way to much stress on me.  I pray that I see and hear a HB tomorrow and yet I fear that I won’t at the same time.  I am worried that they will tell me I’m not measuring in at 8w5d and tell me I must have ovulated later.  I keep track of our sex life and it was not very active that month since my parents were staying with us because their house had caught fire after Thanksgiving causing our DD to sleep in our room for an entire month.  I am not certain when I ovulated since I don’t temp, but honestly I think I ovulated early.  Any advice on what to expect emotionally tomorrow would be great!  Thank you for listening.

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  • Hugs! I can read you a list of mantras, but honestly it's hard waiting and worrying. I get stressed before every u/s (even now at 41 weeks). I just want to send good vibes your way, and I hope you have a wonderful experience tomorrow.

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  • FX for a healthy appointment tomorrow.
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  • FX for a great appointment!
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