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Weight Gain Issues?

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Hello All,

I am concered that my DS is not gaining weight like he should.  All during my pregnancy he was at the 50% for weight.  He was born at 6 pounds 15.6 ounces and now that he is 12 weeks old he is only 10 pounds 12 ounces.  By the charts he is between the 2-5% for weight and I am just worried that he is failing to thrive.  He has a well baby on saturday but I was just curious what other people think on it?  Am I just overly paranoid?  He also just had the stomach bug for a few days. 

Re: Weight Gain Issues?

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    Are you breast or bottlefeeding? What does that doctor say? I would call doctor and ask

    It is also my understanding that the 2-5 percent is less of an issue than comparing his own growth at each visit. does that make sense? For example, if he was at 95th percentil at week 1, but then 5th percentile at  a month, that is more concerning then him being at the 5th percentile both times.

    Also (and I could be wrong) but I wouldn't compare actual weight of baby to what they weiged in utero. MY understanding is those in utero are just estimate and can be majorly off the mark
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