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The nap crisis

I'm sure you've all been there at some point or another.  Here's my issue my not quite 2 year old (one week until birthday) at daycare probably once a week will not nap.  She doesn't throw a fit, cry, nothing but will just lay in the pack n play and goof off and not nap.  I guess it's not a big issue bc honestly I wouldn't know the difference on those days.  She seems a little tired around 630 before bedtime at 7 but nothing crazy.  And granted she does sleep 7-630 on daycare days and doesn't ever get up.  I'm just concerned bc I feel like she's way to young to drop her nap.  I also want to start in a preschool in September and knowing my child there's no way she'll nap on those mats during quiet time.  My question is, do you think she's too young to be doing this? Anyone have any advice or are in a similar situation. 
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Re: The nap crisis

  • My DD started that around that age. Most days she would take a 3 hr nap but about one day a week she didn't. Then when I finally took the pacifier away at 2.5 she literally stopped napping the next day ( I think she was punishing me lol). It was rough going for a couple week but she's fine most days. I know kids who completely stopped napping at 2 and some that still nap at 4 yrs old. Can't for a kid to sleep! Your LO will sleep when she's tired.

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  • My DD has been sleeping 11.5-12 hours per day since 18 months. If she was sleeping that long at night, she wouldn't nap either. I agree that your DD is going through a phase. I just read that 25% of kids drop their nap between 2 and 3, 50% between 3 and 4 and the last 25% between 4 and 5.
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