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Worried about germs.... Advice?

I'm so paranoid about germs that I have only left the house once with my LO. We are going on 3 weeks at home. I find myself getting anxiety when we have a visitor and they want to hold him. I'm worried to take him out anywhere. But feel I could use a day out. I'm EBF so we can't be apart for very long..... Anyone else feel this way or have any advice to tips to protect him if in fm fact I do leave the house prior to April? When I have to go back to work.

Re: Worried about germs.... Advice?

  • My daughters ped actually recommended me not leaving the house with my newborn for 4-6 weeks unless it was for doctors appts! So that's what I did. My daughter has honestly never been sick and she is almost 2 not sure if that had anything to do with it. But her doc told me it gives their immune system time to build and isn't on over load being drug everywhere.

    I am one of those moms tho that wipe everything done when going to the store with sterile wipes and sanitizer (: so that's always an option! And if my daughter takes a blanket with her I put it in the laundry when we get home because you never know what was on the cart before used it. (Probably a little overboard) but she cuddles with them and I just wanna be safe!

    Oh and the hospital actually recommended having containers of hand sanitizer around the house so if visitors came to hold her they can use that before hand! So don't worry girl(: you do what you feel is right!
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  • Thank you for all the suggestions. I'm a hand sanitizer freak too! I live in Illinois so walks are out of the question right now. I'm looking forward to march cause hopefully by then I can get out and walk with him. I bought a Solly baby wrap so maybe I could try that. And keep his car seat covered. Just worried about when he fusses and needs out to nurse.
  • Agree completely with the PPs about wearing baby in a wrap or carrier! It keeps people's hand off, and LO usually sleeps soundly the whole time. You can also nurse in the carrier without it being noticeable, but that takes a bit of practice. If you're uncomfortable, you can nurse under a cover or even somewhere alone like in your car. We haven't left very much since DD was born, but have been going out some recently (she's 3 weeks today), and it's been so nice to get out! I think the reason that we've stayed in for so long is more that I'm terrified to go out alone with three kids, and less that I'm worried about DD, haha.
  • I had to have this convo with my pedi at DD's 2wk appt because I hadn't left the house and felt real anxiety about it.  She told me that since I was BFing, my girl was getting my antibodies and so she wasn't just out there defenseless.  Also, I baby wear, so I keep her in the moby everytime I go anywhere and I use a very light cover so people can't even see her (it also comes real handy when she gets hungry and I can feed her without anyone noticing).  

    As far a people coming over, I keep her in the moby and tell people as soon as they come over "she just fell asleep, and has been real fussy today, so I'm just going to keep her in here."  It's never true, she's the most laid back baby of all mine, but she doesn't need to be passed around.  If it's someone you can't avoid holding your child (like parents or inlaws), keep the hand sanitizer on hand.
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  • I took ds on walks and wore him places. However when the time comes for this little one I'm paranoid, since there has been a measles outbreak in San Diego. I'm a homebody though so I bet I could stay home for 6 weeks with no issue if dh did all the shopping or I stocked up enough.
  • Guys... DD is 3 months and I have barely been out at all. Like @ahayden1230 I get anxiety when someone wants to hold her. I wouldn't let anyone come over for pretty much her first month and a half. Well, except for my parents who I totally trust, and the in-laws, who give me more anxiety than anyone in the world, and I can't avoid them coming over. My poor husband has to go grocery shopping at night after going to school and working because I'm petrified to bring her to such a germy place (I worked at the grocery store for like 5 years, I know how gross the carts and the debit pin pads are). I admit... it's OCD. But seriously, being stuck in the house is driving me CRAZY. We have 4 freaking feet of snow on the ground so walks are out of the question here. Plus, I've noticed that DD gets freaked out by people she's not used to. This whole isolation thing isn't going so well for either of us!
  • DS has already gotten his first cold thanks to his older brother and father.  So, sometimes as much as you try and protect them, you can't always.  
    I can't imagine not leaving the house.  We haven't been a ton of places, but we have ran errands and things.  I either wear him or keep him in his car seat.  People look from afar, but never try and touch him.  
    You can't let the fear of germs scare you.   Get out and go for walks, go to target and walk around, even go to the mall and walk around.  You can wear LO or keep lO in the careseat.  Getting out is good for you.  


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  • I'm going stir crazy also. Literally broke down and cries yesterday bc I feel so isolated and insane. Have only left the house for doc appts. LO is less than 3 weeks old and average temp is 20 degrees outside. I took her out in the carrier for 5 min but didn't leave the driveway. Was going to take her to the mall with DH just to get out but read it's not good to do so during flu season until after 4-6 weeks when she has gotten some more vaccines. I'm not a germophobe but I worry about her getting something awful (thanks Google). I think I'm going to just go get my nails done alone since it only takes 30 min (I'm EBF) and leave a bottle with DH just in case she loses it while I'm gone. Glad to know I'm not alone.
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