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Pregnant after a Loss

pregnancy after hsg and possible vanishing twin? Help

hi! I need help or advice!!

had an hsg done on the 18th of December....I found out I was pregnant on the 8th of January and it was super hcg was 44.

Had another hcg blood test on the 12 it was 344 & then on the 14th it was 767...had an additional test on the 19th and it only was 774.

Had an ultrasound done and they said it's either a very early pregnancy or a mc.... I have had no pain at all and not even spotting...

My dr said it could be a vanishing twin...I was on clomid during the hsg and before...

I'm all over the place in my thoughts, I had a miscarriage in 2013 and have been trying since then...

I go for another blood test today...

Has this happened to anyone?

Re: pregnancy after hsg and possible vanishing twin? Help

  • Sorry, no experience. Are they doing a repeat ultrasound as well?

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  • Yes in a week...super exciting...sigh...I hate this.
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  • I had a vanishing twin, and my hormones for pretty wonky. FX rice for a heading been in there. Sending t&p.
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  • I had a lost twin. Everything else in the pregnancy went fine. My lab work was a little crazy too. Hang in there!
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