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My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the past 2 years. We succeeded only a couple of months of trying and the day I hit 6weeks we miscarried. After my second miscarriage which sadly landed on my 30th birthday, my doctor insisted on blood and chromosome tests for both me and my husband. We discovered that my husband has 2 chromosomes 20 - 22 that are broken and swtched, this is called a balanced translocation. We learned that these two chromosome are two of the main ones that develop in the early stages of pregnancy. While the baby is developing in the first few weeks if she/he develops the same chromosomes my body senses something's wrong and will abort the baby. Reading up on balance translocation we learned that some women have had up to 8 miscarriages before succeeding. Our doctor told us that we can have a healthy pregnancy we just have to be patient and keep trying. Shortly after we learned this information we found out we were pregnant, I believe due to stress and the loss of my father-in-law we miscarried at 4weeks. Now three months later we just discovered we are pregnant again this will be our fourth pregnancy and I am now at 5weeks. I feel numb about the situation and I feel like I can't be excited until after we hit the 6weeks mark. I hear that balance translocation is more common than we thought, I personally have never heard of it until the doctor said that my husband had it. If anyone else shares this then the support that we need from each other is important. The loss of the baby no matter how old or young doesn't make it any easier to either one of the parents. I would like to think that my husband and I have a good attitude about things but sometimes it's really hard to stay positive when you don't know if you're going to miscarry or if this or the next one will stick. I pray that this little Appleseed will stay with us and I will continue to learn and try to support others that have a balance translocation this is a support group so let's support each other. Tell me your story...

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  • No experience with this, and I'm sorry you have to deal with it. ((Hugs)) Did you talk to your doctor about the possibility of doing IVF with genetic testing? It might be a lot easier than going through multiple miscarriages. Sending t&p that this will be your take home baby.
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    I don't have experience with balanced translocation but I had five losses most of which were for chromosomal reasons including a second trimester loss (trisomies that sadly were not compatable with life). We had genetic testing and nothing came up. I thought I had no hope and was considering PGD with IVF (which examines the chromosomes before transfer) but we got pregnant with my son via Clomid (for me it seemed to help move my ovulation up a week which I believe created for a better quality egg) who is currently sleeping in my arms. I know it's so hard but please know there is absolutely hope. You could probably qualify for genetic testing during pregnancy like the Panorama test for this pregnancy though I am pretty sure it doesn't test for the chromosomes that you mentioned. However, it can bring some peace of mind. Also, an NT scan would get a good look at your baby early on too. Hugs to you. Congrats on your pregnancy!
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  • No experience with this but my heart goes out to you with all the losses you've suffered already. Praying for you and your baby - God loves you both! ((Hugs))


  • *lurking* I have a Balanced Translocation and unfortunetely have no positive stories to share. There are a few others with BT on the boards, but I'm not sure who else is around due to a lot of people leaving lately. You may want to join the "Balanced Chromosome Translocation" group on Facebook. It's very helpful.

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  • I also have a balanced translocation. Mine is on my 3rd and 11th chromosomes, which was discovered after my 3rd loss. I am currently 19 weeks into my current pregnancy and have my A/S this Wed to make sure everything is ok.

    Some of the things my genetic counselor has said/recommended are: with a balanced translocation, chances of a miscarriage are around 40% due to natural tendencies on how chromosomes divide. She also said that sperm with an unbalanced translocation tend to swim slower than others so it's more likely that a healthy sperms will reach the egg. My counselor did say that my chances were higher to conceive naturally that through IVF, but that would be a huge financial and emotional decision you would need to discuss with your SO and your medical professionals. I do know where your coming from though. Even if this baby does work out for us, we are considering adopting any other children we have due to the emotional toll repeated losses can take on a person.

    Make sure you discuss all of the above with your doctor/genetic counselor and don't be afraid to call them back with more questions. It's a really rough way to start each pregnancy so you need to set up a strong support group around you. This may mean telling people your are pregnant sooner than you typically would. I decided to tell a set group of people (anyone that I wanted holding my hand should I happen to miscarry) right away. You'll just need to take it day by day and remember that you are still pregnant each day. Maybe your doctor can help monitor your hcg and progesterone levels. I found it to be helpful knowing that everything was progressing normally in this pregnancy and also that my levels were low in my 3rd.

    I also started seeing a counselor because going through each day of the pregnancy knowing that it may not work out is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I would definitely recommend this because I had hit a point where I just didn't know how to cope anymore and she was able to help me through my PGAL brain.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope that it goes well and that you're able to find all the support you need.

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