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Another grocery poll

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Do you actually stick to your grocery list?

Another grocery poll 45 votes

Yes 100%
11% 5 votes
Mostly with a few impulse purchases
71% 32 votes
15% 7 votes
2% 1 vote

Re: Another grocery poll

  • I voted 'other'. I don't classify my 'extras' as impulse.

    I get 'most' of what's on the list (I refuse to pay regular price for some items, so they get carried over til I get it on sale or I'm desperate) and add things as I walk through the store if something is on sale and I'm out of it, or if I'm inspired to create something new because a particular meat is on sale then I will get everything I need to make that dish.

    A lot of the time DH and I will discuss something beforehand that doesn't actually get put on the list, but we usually need it (like milk or eggs).

  • If dh grumpy pants is there then yep and we both leave grumpy.

    If it's not written in ink we must not need it. X(
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