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Bedsharing with two

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I know it is not advisable to bedshare with two children at the same time. However, does anyone have any experience on how to safely make it work? Like putting the bed up against the wall and having one child on either side of you? Side car a crib? My children will be 2 1/2 years apart. Currently we have a queen size bed but plan on purchasing a king size bed.
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Re: Bedsharing with two

  • if you have a king sized bed, you could probably have your toddler sleep in between you and your SO, and put the baby next to you on the outside. of course, you'd need to either have a bed rail or be against a wall and make sure there is no risk of falling/entrapment. or, you could side-car the crib and have the baby sleep on that side next to you- then if they rolled away the crib would be there. alternatively, you could put your queen mattress on the floor, and have a twin mattress or crib mattress on the floor next to you, where your toddler could sleep.
  • We bed shared with our twins from about 7-15 mos. in a queen and then in a king. We'd still be bedsharing but they weren't comfortable and weren't sleeping well. I put a body pillow on one side of me and slept with a baby on either side (so 1 in the middle between me and DH and 1 between me and the body pillow).
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  • Put the toddler in the middle and sidecar for the new baby.

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