May 2013 Moms

We Are Making Community a Better Experience for Everyone

We created the community platform for you and we support you and your right to share your thoughts, feelings and advice. We know how much it helps to talk (virtually) with someone who may be sharing in the same experiences. And thanks to community members like you--who come together in support, knowledge-share and friendship--The Bump community continues to thrive and our membership grows stronger and stronger every day.


Recently, certain members violated the site’s Terms of Use by posting malicious profanity and harassing and pornographic content directed at members. In an effort to keep our community safe, those few members who were in clear violation of the Terms of Use were banned. The Bump has been exploring several possible scenarios in order to ensure this type of behavior never happens again.


To keep up with an ever-growing community, the site will be introducing professional moderators. We cherish and value our moderators and want them to remain vibrant and celebrated members. The new mods at The Bump will be available 24/7. They will continue to encourage friendly and positive community participation, mentor groups, manage thoughtful and judicious handling of abuse reports and disagreements in the community, and, ultimately, make sure you have the best community experience.

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