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The most asked question, again, how much is your LO talking? At ds 18 month visit, the pediatrician was concerned about his talking. He said to call back in a month if he wasn't talking much more. He wasn't, but ped wasn't concerned because he uses phrases like " thank you" "I did it.".

He still doesn't talk a lot. I know you shouldn't compare, but dd was having full blown conversations at this point.

We see the ped. In 2 weeks for his well visit. We are seeing a different doctor. I think ours brushes stuff off too easily. IE ds dropped percentiles in height, he says his allergies are intolerances.

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Re: Talking

  • Mine is like your DD, he has full blown conversations at this point but he was also a really early talker so I think that is why.

    Good that you are seeing a different doc if you have any concerns with your current one. Good luck at your appointment! Keep us posted.
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  • I can't remember, was your DD an early walker? I feel like if they develop one skill set really early, it seems like something else always suffers. DD was an early talker, and now she's stringing together 6-7 word sentences and has a huge vocabulary, but she was slow on gross motor skills. She was almost a year old when she finally figured out how to get from lying down to sitting, didn't walk until 16 months, and didn't figure out crawling until after she walked. And I know of other parents whose kids started walking at 8-9 months but barely said anything until 18 months or later.

    That said go with your mommy gut. If you think something is wrong, I say go for an evaluation. If something is wrong, you can address it sooner rather than later. If not, at least you can set your mind at ease!

  • DD2 talks a lot.  IDK if I would say full blow conversations, but she talks in sentences, she can count to 10, she can almost sing her ABCs, and sings other songs like wheels on the bus, etc.  I guess she does have conversations with her sister.

    DD1 at this age hardly talked at all. She had a good list of words but only a few phrases.  She's chatting it up all the time now at 3 1/2.  

    I agree with PPs, definitely see what the pedi says and get an EI eval done if you really feel something is off.  Good luck!

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  • E is talking in full on sentences and we are having conversations at this point. But he's having trouble in the growing department. He is 31" and 19 pounds.
  • The bump is not a good guide.  Everyone here has better kids than average, it seems.  The charts say average by 2 is 50-200 words.  Need to put two words together by 2.  Need to say a few verbs.  That's it.  You guys probably are not even at 2 yet.  

    M turned 2 in early January, but was 8 weeks early...but when they hit 2, they no longer adjust for prematurity when looking at milestones.  She has about 1000 words, but only recently started to really combine.  She repeats everything and asks questions like "take AJ?" or says "dad home."  At dinner, "I want pear."  

    Being able to understand her and her actually saying things that are not just pointing out the obvious, e.g. "dog" have really just happened.  Her receptive language seems to have really gotten better too.  Now if we are like, your toy is behind the, behind it, she actually finds it, which is new.  She does not sing songs, say her numbers, or recite other things, and her impressive skills in letter ID, counting objects, and color and number recognition are just her interests, and not all that typical.  She impressed everyone at the developmental assessment by just saying words, feeding a doll, matching colors and pointing to objects in a book.  I do not think if you kid says "I did it" that is behind, but if shortly after 2, he doesn't start saying phrases that are not just rote, then EO might be worth calling.
  • Mine is behind. Only single words. We did an evaluation 2 months ago that showed average expressive language and above average receptive but the therapist agreed that he was behind. We move next month and will start therapy then.
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