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Name issue

So we're having such issues coming up with a name for our little girl. ?Am I the only with issues like this?


Anyway, we thought we had pretty much decided on a name...then my good friend (one of my best friends here) who is due in June drops the bomb that if she has a girl..they have picked the exact same name.


Kind of crushed...what to do? ?


Re: Name issue

  • YES! We picked Carter's name when I was 37 weeks. Ben is an "IV" and we had crazy pressure to make him a "V". I wasn't really down with it and there was no name we just had to have.

    Ben came around to Carter and we both love it. It suits him.

  • We are so happy we're having a girl because we already had a name we both loved before we were even married. For a boy, it's a whole different story. We can't agree on anything at all, so hopefully we don't have to worry about that for awhile. Maybe y'all can narrow it down to just a couple of favorites and pick once she's here? One may seem just the right fit once you "meet" her. Also, to be perfectly honest, I'd tell my friend I also love that name and had been planning on using it... and just keep it. If it's a great name, then two little great kids with it won't hurt anything really. At least, that's my theory. Good luck!
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  • No - we had a really hard time.  We didn't find out the gender, so we had to come up with names for a boy and a girl.  We finally decided on "Claire" a few weeks before she was born and didn't make a final decision on her middle name until a couple of days after she was born - the admin office kept calling our room so they could finalize her birth certificate.  If she'd been a boy, we had it narrowed down to two names and decided we would just pick one after delivery.

    As far as your friend choosing the same name, I echo the PP in that I would talk to her and tell her that you're considering the same name.  If we ever do have a boy, we may end up with the exact same name (first and middle) as a close friend of mine because the names are really special to our family (first is name of FIL who passed away this year and middle is my mother's maiden name).

    GL - I know it can be really frustrating! 

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  • We're having trouble too and we need to pick two!  We have one boy's name for sure...but no girl names for sure. 

    I don't see why you can't name her the name you liked.  The girls might think it's neat they have the same name.  

  • Well, here are some of the names I loved that DH vetoed:

    Emily, Olivia, Brinley, Corinne, Anna

    I also love the names Eve and Chloe but there are family pets with those names already. :(

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