TTC after 35

TTC>35 Grad Check-in 1/20

Please post your updates here.

PLEASE NOTE:  This post is for people who have posted on TTC>35 and have become pregnant and moved on from this board.  IF you are still TTC please refrain from posting any updates to this thread and only respond to our graduates.  TTC>35 updates for current members are posted weekly on Wednesday by @CML11. Please post your updates on that thread.

QOTW: Which of the 7 drawfs are you and why?
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~Formerly ABabyMabe4us

Me(35) Him(35) Untied for life 4/1/2015.
TTC Our 1st since 8/2014
MC @ 7 weeks 5/2014
Me: DD#1 3/2000, DD#2 6/2001, DS 5/2003
BFP: 2/19/2015 EDD: 11/1/2015 IT'S A BOY!!!!


Re: TTC>35 Grad Check-in 1/20

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    Ooooh so close @Lady2010‌
    Hope you have to change the reservations to 3

      Me:39, DH:40

    DD born 8/96, DS born 8/04


    NTNP since 2006, active trying 1/13

    Natural M/C 3/13 at 7 weeks

    CP 2/14

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers


    All welcome

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    @KateLouise, I'm so happy to hear about your BFP! I didn't realize!!! Congrats!
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    Hi ladies, 

    Nothing much new here. I'm 24 weeks, gaining weight like it's going out of style, and waiting for the next appointment on Monday. Still get bouts of uncontrollable sleepiness and hunger and some minor gastro issues but I've learned how to cope.  

    I can't believe I'm only 16 weeks away from d-day; it's as if yesterday I was temping, charting, OPKing and swearing at my fertility monitor.  

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm!
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