September 2013 Moms


If anyone has time, let's hear them!


  • 1) all this drama (for lack of a better word) has me so confused and frustrated!

    2) only 2 weeks left at my current location. Then I move to the new salon

    3) MIL (my baby sitter) is going to be home for about 3 weeks right after I change salons. So much going on !

    4) the salon is slow this week....

    5) I'm redoing my hair color. After trying something new, it's not quite right. Hopefully it's good after this.

    6) we're down to only nursing for night wake ups.... sometimes just once sometimes 3 times

    7) I can't seem to get my house cleaned. Even on my days off it just seems overwhelming

    8) I really have to do better with the house!

    9) gotta go to Wal-Mart for bread and birth control.... what a combo

    10) I hope at my new work place I can pick up some more customers..... More money !
  • 1. Snow is forecasted for tomorrow. School/work should start on time.

    2. When I say "school" it's work. 

    3. Today was a professional day for teachers.

    4. A new marking period begins tomorrow.

    5. The school year is half way over.

    6. DS loves music.

    7. The board has gotten so quiet.

    8. My sister in law bought some toys for DS to play with at my inlaw's house. It's hand me downs. My MIL watches DS during the day.

    9. I do visit the other place.

    10. Ben & Jerry 's half baked ice cream is the best.
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