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11 week old not eating well

I'm not sure if I should post here or the 3-6 months, DS will be 3 months on the 31st.  Anyway, for the last week or so, he's been pushing his bottle away and won't nurse either.  He doesn't eat as much as he should to begin with, although he would always take a bottle.  The lactation consultant says he should eat somewhere around 25-30 oz/day, he will normally do about 20-22, but some days a bit less.  Now he's being very fussy and turning his head away.  He has been bottle fed since he was about 3 days old and we are still working on the nursing (he has a posterior tongue tie).  He gets breast milk and formula, as my supply is not enough.  Recently he has started to nurse a bit better, but by no means well enough to get rid of the bottle.  I was thinking that maybe he was rejecting the bottle in favor of nursing, but when he gets fussy like this he won't nurse either.  Has anyone else experience anything like this?  How did you get your LO to eat better?

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    Thanks for responding.  We use two different types of bottles and have been almost as long as he's been born (one regular nipple and one for a wide mouth bottle).  So if he doesn't like the bottles, it's a new development, he didn't have a problem before.  He does not seem like he has acid reflux.  He might drink an ounce and then if we stop for a burp break, he doesn't want to drink anymore.  He turns his head away or pushes the bottle.  He might start crying a bit because we are trying to force the bottle on him, but not because he appears to be in pain.  I have no clue if the milk is not coming out fast enough.  We use the slow flow nipples. 

    He just seems like he doesn't want to eat.  Last night we were really trying to get him to eat more and he was refusing and he ended up spitting up a lot because his stomach was full I guess.  He does not normally spit up.  This was about 10:30 and he had only had 18 oz or so for the day and hadn't eaten in a little while.  In that situation, I guess he really wasn't hungry.  However, at that point in the day he tends to go to sleep for the night and won't be up until maybe 3:00 to eat again.  I guess we have to listen to what he wants a bit, but I wouldn't be so concerned if he ate enough to begin with. 

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    I have not asked my pediatrician, only the lactation consultant and doctors at that office.  They feel that he might not be eating enough due to the tongue tie and that once it is fixed, these problems will go away.  We have an appointment to deal with that in a couple of weeks.  I asked if maybe we should start heating his bottles because we always give them to him at room temperature, but they said babies get less fussy about that as they get older.  They were also wondering if my flow was a bit fast for him to handle because of the tongue tie and they also recommended the slow flow bottle to help him transition to breastfeeding easier.  The lactation consultant said my pediatrician apparently uses the wrong growth curve because she uses a computer program to calculate it and those were made before there were updates to the growth curves.  So according to my pediatrician he is in the 60 percentile and according to the lactation consultant, he is in the 15-20th percentile for weight.  So I haven't called her this week, although at his two month appointment I told them how much he ate and they didn't comment, but that might have been because they thought his weight was in a higher percentile.

    I guess I should just try a different nipple or heating the bottle.  I have stopped burping him as often because of this problem.  I also find it more difficult to get the burps out sometimes now.

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    My LO had the exact same issue at 11 weeks. She was only drinking maybe 18-20 oz a day and kept pushing away the bottle and fussing while eating. It turned out we needed to go to the next nipple flow. That did the trick for us, I assume she had just worn herself out from having to suck harder. May be worth a shot, now our LO eats 4-5 oz at each feeding again!
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    After a few days of this, it seems like he just isn't hungry.  When he is, he will take the bottle with no problem.  I guess I just have to listen to him, even if he's not eating quite as much as he should.  He's a happy and active baby and does not seem to be sick or lethargic so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.
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