Foster adoption considerations (registry) - Can't find help anywhere!

Hi everyone. I've been lurking around, reading posts, and I'm hoping some of you can help me with this!

I've been approved to adopt a sibling group of up to 3 kids, aged anywhere between 4 - 10 years, through foster care. A dear friend of mine has been super supportive of this and wants to throw me an adoption shower the second I'm officially matched and moving towards making it official. 

My family is very traditional and very new to the idea of adopting this way, so they would likely respond better to something familiar and concrete like a registry rather than me just throwing stats like age, likes, and clothing size at them and having them pick things out themselves. 

My only problem is I have no idea what to register for! I don't need bottles or diapers, and everywhere I've looked online gives guidelines on what to buy/register for when it comes to newborns and toddlers, but never older children. I mean, don't us offbeat moms deserve the baby shower experience too? They might not be babies, but they're our babies. 

Anyway, I'm dying for some guidance here. I've already decided to include some family games (Jenga, etc.) and some arts and crafts supplies, but I'm trying to figure out more practical things I can register for when the time comes. Help a sister out? ;) 

Re: Foster adoption considerations (registry) - Can't find help anywhere!

  • I love Amazon. I would also add family season passes to fun places in your community (aquarium, zoo, science museum etc). 

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  • The Amazon registry is great. Our kiddo will be older too and I've already had several people ask about a shower. I started the registry and will add things to it from time to time as ideas pop in my head.

    Thanks @irismorning for the idea on family passes to places. That is such a great idea!
  • I was actually considering registering with both Target and Amazon -- that way any family members who might not be computer savvy can still contribute the old fashioned way. 

    Loooove the idea of family passes. I'm also registering for some camping gear!

    I think my biggest concern is putting too much "fun" stuff and not enough "practical" stuff. I thought of registering for extra towels and kids' dishes and toiletries, but I'm afraid I'm missing something. Typical expectant mom worries, right? 

    I guess people just never really give much thought to what school aged kids need/use on a regular basis because most people get the chance to purchase things as the child grows, rather than having to get everything all at once!
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    My. Husband and I are in the process of getting approved for the same age range and sibling group size as you and we have discussed this topic a few times. My best friend will be throwing us a "shower" of sorts once we are matched.
    Our plan, as others have suggested, is to register through Amazon. They have great return/exchange policies and an excellent variety of items.
    We plan to register for things like school supplies, arts and crafts/sports items, games we can play as a family, towels/bathroom accessories, things they might use when visiting my ILs at the beach, that sort of thing. We are on the fence about including bedroom items/accessories since we would want the kids to have strong input on what their rooms look like. I'm not worried about dishes and that sort of thing since we already have some kid friendly items due to my former nannying days.
    I absolutely love the idea of family passes! Such a great idea!
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  • I agree with pp and gift cards are never a bad idea either.  As others have mentioned, you won't know your kiddos preferences until they arrive on the scene, so having an arsenal of Kohl's, Target, Macy's or (insert store near you) gift cards available will really allow you to have some bonding moments with the kids when you pick out stuff together.

    Sorry for the run-on sentence...just trying to catch up on the boards on a quick break!


  • What about bedding? Gift cards to buy clothing? shoes?


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  • I actually made a registry at kids r us with things I need to buy and am planning to use if someone wants to get something they can see what we still need. My registry has everything from neutral sheets, towels, shampoo, to toys, games, and craft supply. As i see things on sale, i go there, buy it and and remove from my list. The nice thing is that i get 10% back of my purchases for having a registry ;)
    I love the idea of family passes to the zoo and museums! It is quite expensive to go to those places sometimes when you are paying for 4 or 5 people...
  • I was going to suggest board games! I'll list just a bunch of random stuff: beach towels, football, basketball, swim gear, chalk, coloring books, backpacks, clothes for the kids and shoes, hair ties, bows, toothbrushes, bubble bath, kid dishes and utensils, scooters, bikes, skateboard, kid jewelry, nail polish, kids toys, Legos, blocks, Lincoln logs, flash cards, BOOKS, grocery gift cards, zoo tickets, museum tickets, booster seats or car seats, a wagon, trampoline, roller blades, cards, water bottles, school supplies, etc.
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