Hi, my DH and I have started the adoption process for domestic infant. We have a biological 3 year old boy and I have dealt with secondary infertility for a few years now. We really want to grow our family and are very excited to be heading down this path of adoption. We completed our homes study with a local agency in NJ, but just found out they are not taking anymore portfolios at this time. We were really disappointed, we really liked the agency a lot, we have moved our focus towards a national agency, specifically American Adoptions. If anyone has had any experience with them, feel free to pm me. Anyone from NJ, feel free to recommend any experiences you may have had with American Adoptions or any other agencies. You are all a wealth of information, which makes this process a little easier.

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  • Welcome to the board!  I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with your local agency, that stinks!  I wish I had some advice for you, but I'm not local to you.

    I hope you are able to get in the books with American Adoptions soon, if that is the agency you choose.  Then the real waiting begins. ;)  GL to you!
  • Welcome! We used another agency that operates in NJ. GL to you moving forward!
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  • Welcome! Good luck finding another agency, that sounds stressful. :(
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  • Welcome to the group!


  • @Hurley1023

    We are form NJ, we have our homestudy with a local agency, and we recently singed on with American. We LOVE them!!!! They have been so great in helping us create a profile, film our video, they call in and check on us, etc. In the first month our profile went out 6 times. Our profile was only shown 3 times (in two years) with our local agency. Feel free to PM me for details.

    Also- just note that American Adoptions is a national agency but due to NJ laws they can only show your profile in four states: Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, and Arkansas. We were told that 1/5 of their yearly placements come from these states anyway and they have a higher average of initial contact all the way to placement rate then other states.

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  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Hello, and welcome.  I'm also in NJ, but adopted internationally.

    I have a friend here in NJ who used American for her domestic adoption before they were restricted to the four states mentioned in the post above, and they had a very good experience with them.  She told me that American is/can be pricey, but was worth the extra expense.
  • Welcome to this board and good luck in choosing the right agency that fits your family's needs.
  • Good luck!
    I am sending you a private message about our agency (which we LOVE)  which also operates of NJ.


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  • Welcome to the board! I'm also from NJ but going a different route (fostering and Foster-to-Adopt). Good luck to you!
  • Welcome and good luck!
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