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Experience with Goddard or U-Gro in York??

My husband and I will be having our first child in May, and we have recently been looking into daycare/schools in York. We have narrowed it down to the Goddard and U-Gro schools in York and were wondering if anyone has experiences with either of them. It seems to us that the Goddard has the advantage in facilities, as well as teachers with degrees. However, the U-Gro is also very nice and just a little cheaper. U-Gro also has the edge in convinces (It is very close to our home and provides lunches unlike Goddard).

If anyone has any input or experience in either school we would love to hear them. Thanks!!!

Re: Experience with Goddard or U-Gro in York??

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    I had a may baby in 2014. she is currently enrolled at U gro and has been since 6 weeks old I use the one by Lancaster HACC I can't speak for the other ones but they're great there at HACC. my daughter is 8 months old and trying to pull herself up she can already stand and crawl and they take wonderful care of her. but I can't speak to their education and pre-k
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    OP just wondering which one you went with and how your experience with them has been?
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