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QOTD 1/19

I won't be able to do this everyday I'm sure but like I said I'm going to do my best to keep the board active. Feel free to do them too!

Deep cleaning.....
How often, what extras do you do, ant tips or tricks you'd like to share?

Re: QOTD 1/19

  • I don't really deep clean on a schedule but think I need to get on one. I really need to light fixtures and things of that sort.

    I use a dawn and vinegar mixture for a lot of cleaning. Using baking powder for things like the bath tub.
  • Deep cleaning? Before DS twice a year. Before the ne year and during the summer. Now. Almost never. I really want someone to come and give the house a good cleaning. Then I can keep up the weekly cleaning.
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  • I dont really have a schedule nor do a thorough deep clean, although I should get a schedule going so that I'm more likely to follow it. I do go through spurts where I want to clean random things like mini blinds, outside windows, sweep/vacuum basement, etc. when the sun is out and shining I seem to get into those moods. It's all so overwhelming and hard to decide where to start.
  • I never have time for deep cleaning with a one and two year old, especially now that my two-year-old doesn't nap anymore. I do dust, vacuum, and do the bathrooms weekly. The floors probably get mopped once every two weeks, and the bedrooms don't get cleaned often enough but I try to keep everything neat and straightened up. I wish we had money to have a professional cleaning person come in once a month for a good deep cleaning.

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  • Glad to see I'm not the only one !
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