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Since we are all "of a certain age," and can remember this song, this is fun. The greatest part to me is that while I was in labor, after my water broke at home with #2, I sang this song to the baby because the line "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here" seemed so appropriate.

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  • I saw this on Facebook just the other day and played the song.  Loved the song before now I love it even more!

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  • I also saw this on FB and made hubs watch it. He didn't find it quite as cute as I did. Of course I am very hormonal seeing as DD is just over a week old.
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    Proud Mom to Kaleigh (14yr) Emma (12yr) and Hanna (7yr)

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  • I never paid much attention to this song before, but after hearing his exclamation, I find it very sweet. 
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