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Dollhouse type options for boys... sadly lacking, too small or very expensive

I couldn't find anything I liked at a decent price except the rescue Hero center we got at Christmas..and I don't have the tools and space to make my own since moving to the US.  .... but I found these cool little wooden structures (.. some of which are actually bird houses).  I originally bought them to go on his train table but we discovered they are the perfect size for his Imaginext figures too.  He spends hours and I mean hours at the dining room table with these and they only have a quick base coat on them lol.  Trying to get them away from him to do final paint coats could take a while.  I could watch him for hours.. his imaginative play has me howling with laughter sometimes.

This is the kid who was glued to tablets and phones and always wanted Netflix on.. and I don't think he has asked to watch much at all in the last week.. he hasn't even noticed his tablet is gone. He even helped paint his barn... totally loving these structures.. as a toy and a learning tool.  The castle was a toughie..I had to call Michael's and ask which local stores had it, luckily the one we went to also had the barn I wanted which I couldn't find in our local one.  Some shrink and bake inkjet paper took care of the bird holes on two of them.. covered the church one with a clock and added a $1.50 bell from a budgie mirror ( thanks Pet Smart LOL)..and added a general store sign to another.

The castle was $24.99 ($12.50 after a 50% coupon) and the others ranged 4.99 - 9.99 ..before coupons.

Just figured I would share in case any of you ladies were looking for ideas along these lines too. These are unfinished pieces so you can paint them any color you want.  We found a bunch of mystery packs of imaginext figures at Walmart too.. $2.97  each... great for starting your own army or clan if you don't mind duplicates.. They are just packaged in foil pouches instead of the regular packaging and come with accessories but no vehicles.  There are 8 figures per series and our local Walmart's seem to have Series 2 and 3 right now.

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Re: Dollhouse type options for boys... sadly lacking, too small or very expensive

  • oh.. PS the castle is a hinged  style that flips open and has a carry handle built in :)
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  • OMG! Those are so awesome!!
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