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Nudity in your family

How old will your kids be when you cover up around them? 

My two older kids (14 and 6) are both girls, so I've never cared about covering up around them. I think I'll stop being naked around my DS before he goes to school. (Anywhere from 3.5-5) However, right now he's a baby so I'm not worried about being naked around him. I honestly rue the day I'll have to have some modesty at home.

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  • It's a personal decision. My family was really conservative growing up so we didn't walk around naked. Even now I'm pretty modest except around my H, DS likes to come into our room and sit on the bed and read a book or watch TV while I change clothes....I always turn my back to him since I don't have a big walk in closet anymore to hide in.

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  • Uh...My mother used to not worry about my sis and I seeing her without clothes and honestly it bothers me to this day. So you may want to rethink that.
    Same boat for me. We were a family of all girls after my parents split. There was no modesty or privacy. I hated it. It was probably not long before my oldest turned 3 &  started looking at me for a moment longer than usual, I started covering up. Unless I was nursing .. that is all he sees of my goods from now on. :)


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  • My family was also really conservative and I've never seen either of my parents naked.

    And I'm totally good with that.

    My aunt used to live with my mother and I when I was a teenager, and she'd always pee with the door open.

    It would drive me batshit.

    'It's not like we're not both girls!' she'd say to me. Still don't want to see your cooch, Auntie.

    Oh, and she'd run downstairs in the morning topless while I was trying to eat breakfast, her giant boobs flapping all over the place.

    Surprised she never gave herself a black eye or two.

    So I probably will be minimally naked around my kids, because it's the way my mom raised me. Just because being naked is natural, doesn't mean my goods need to be forced on the eyes of my children.

    That said, I don't think it's wrong of others to think the opposite.

    It's just not for me.
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    We only have girls. Our oldest is 2.5 and DH and I are both naked around her all the time, he has started covering up more around her though recently. I grew up seeing my mom naked regularly (going to take a shower, running to grab a clothing item out of the dryer, etc) and my dad would just wear shorts in the house (the super short 70's cotton shorts which he would still be wearing if they still for him, now he wears board shorts around the house, a sign of the times). Nudity doesn't bother me.
  • I'm an only child... My mom didn't just walk around naked or let me see her naked all the time, but she also wasn't worried if I did see her or need her (like ACTUALLY need her not being obnoxious) when she was in the shower.  My dad was always perfectly private and modest, rightfully so I might add.  

    Our rule is "once they're potty trained"

    If they're old enough to control their private areas, then it's time for them to understand privacy.

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    Oh, and she'd run downstairs in the morning topless while I was trying to eat breakfast, her giant boobs flapping all over the place.

    Surprised she never gave herself a black eye or two.

    I'm crying from laughing so hard at this!
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  • wino2006 said:

    My 8 and 4 yo daughters have seen me naked and still do. I don't walk around naked, but I don't kick them out of the room if I need to change. I think american culture is way too uptight about nudity.


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  • I guess I'm the odd lady out here, but DH and I feel that there's no point to be ashamed of or go out of our way to cover up.  I want my son to know what a real woman's body looks like and see that women CAN be confident about their imperfections.  We don't plan on leaving the bathroom door open (although DH has always done this) and we don't intend on purposely being nude, but seeing us change or go from bathroom to closet after a shower I don't see any issue with.  My mom didn't care if I saw her and I feel like it gave me a sense of 'we all have the same stuff'.  DH isn't shy and neither am I, so when the questions arise, we feel we'll be ready.
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  • My husband has reached the point w/our two girls (8 & 10) that he does not wish to be nude around them. Now, this is the guy who always bathed w/the kiddos & such so they've def. seen him nude, but I respect that decision now that they are older. Around the time he was coming to that point he had also started asking them to put on clothes when he was around (they are both little nudists, though my 10yo is starting to show some modesty at times).  I did some reading up on the subject & we talked about it & have decided that we will let them decide when they want to cover up & not make that decision for them.  I want them to always feel confident about their bodies, and I don't think that telling them to cover up  is okay (when it's just our family home) if they don't feel they need to.  As for me, I don't parade around but if they see me naked, they see me naked.  We don't make a big thing of it. 
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