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Switching from stroller bassinet to seat?

Happy Sunday everyone. How soon can we start using the stroller seat (instead of the bassinet)? Is it based on age or something else? Thanks!

Re: Switching from stroller bassinet to seat?

  • It depends on what stroller you have and how far it reclines. Some strollers can technically take a newborn because they go back flat. Others will say 6 months because they should really be decent at sitting up first. Check your manual.
  • We typically use the car seat since that is easiest, but yesterday we did put her in just the stroller so she could see out better while we were at the zoo.

    As pp mentioned, our stroller lays completely flat, so in theory she could have used it as a newborn. But we had it reclined enough that she could sit comfortably and still see out.
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  • Thanks so much everyone. We have a stokke crusi. I think it's supposed to recline all the way but I'll check the manual.
  • keelyd said:

    We have a travel system, so DS will likely stay in the car seat in the stroller until he is too big for the car seat, which for us is 30 lbs or 30 in (I think we'll hit height first).

    What do I do when she is too tall for her car seat? Where do I go next?
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  • My BOB says 6 months!
  • I haven't jogged with the BOB yet - I thought I was supposed to wait. I'm going to look at the manual now that you ladies have been using them.

    My regular stroller has the bassinet and I see no reason to stop using it yet. I could put the seat in but I love the bassinet because he's covered. It's keeping him warmer at this time of year.
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