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Question for Mamas Who Have Had a C-Section and Vaginal Birth

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This is my second pregnancy - first baby was induced at 38 weeks, vaginal delivery with epidural and wound up having a lot of tearing - baby was 6 lb 6 oz, so not large at all. This time around baby is already 7 pounds and measuring 39 weeks, while I am only 37 weeks. My question is, I remember what the recovery was like with a vaginal birth, but for those of you who had have both, which one seemed like an easier recovery? I know they are both hard, but we may be faced with a c-section if baby continues to grow, and I am just wondering if we should possibly elect to do a scheduled c-section as opposed to inducing and going the vaginal route. It's worth noting that I would like to attempt this second delivery without an epidural if possible, so I am concerned about doing so and starting to push, only to find that baby is too big and a c-section is necessary. If Im going to need an epidural, I almost want to just schedule a c-section and be done with it. Any comments or feedback welcome!

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  • Ultrasound estimates are likely to be off by up to 2lbs in either direction. A csection is major surgery, some people have easy recoveries but you'll have no idea if you're one of those people until after. Plus, tearing doesn't happen only because of baby's size. Pushing too early and/or too fast and positioning of you and/or baby are factors too.
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  • Like PPs have said, ultrasounds can be off. At 37 weeks I was told my son was 8 pounds already. At 40 weeks they told me he was between 10 and 11 pounds. I ended up scheduling a c-section and he was just over 9 pounds when he was born. While my recovery was easy, I am hoping for a VBAC when/if I get pregnant again. I know my first recovery is not the norm and I'd rather try vaginal than risk any complications or difficult recovery from a c-section.
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  • Like other ladies have said, I would never trust an u/s to make the decision for a c/s or not, when it comes to size.  The weight estimates are way off, most of the time.  If your provider is pushing a section b/c of the weight estimate on the u/s, I'd look into switching providers too.  That is making me side-eye the provider a good bit.  I can't speak of a vaginal recovery, but I had a c/s with my last pregnancy and it was awful!  The recovery isn't easy at all...everything hurts.  You can't sit up in bed by yourself, coughing, sneezing, laughing, using the all sucks.  You also can't lift anything heavier than your new baby, so lifting your other child is out, for a while.  You also can't drive for 2 weeks afterwards.  I'll just say I pray to never experience another section...praying and trying for a VBAC this time.  A c/s is major surgery, it is also a lot more risky than a vaginal delivery.      
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    Don't always listen to doctors they estimate weights, I was told my first was a very big baby she was 7lb... I've also had c'section 2nd was vaginally & currently 34weeks with 3rd, I healed better via c'section :) everyone is different tho some heal better than others.. With both they have there risks but do what u think is best. Good luck x
  • Long-term pelvic floor issues are also worth considering - check not just the posts on these, but the comments, too. Be warned, it's medical, so it gets highly descriptive! My mom has dealt with a fistula since my little brother and it's just not fun. I went full-blown natural for my first, before I was aware of all this stuff, and knowing now makes me personally VERY receptive to a C-section if it's recommended. Just another facet to think about!

  • Now I do have experience with both and would love the opportunity to have a natural delivery for my fourth and final baby. I had an episiotomy with myfirst but the recovery was a quarter of the time as my two csections. Which Ill add were both different recoveries, plus one was emergency and one scheduled. My advice PLZ try natual first ;) Best of luck l!!
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