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anyone care who goes to the super bowl?

I'm thinking it'll be new england vs Seattle but I'd rather see green bay go. I'm a Denver fan so it doesn't mean much to me anymore. Anyone's team make it to a conference champ game?

Re: anyone care who goes to the super bowl?

  • I want Green Bay to go since they are my second favorite team behind the Steelers.
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  • I live about an hour north of Pittsburgh, wife is a big Steelers fan
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  • I don't care too much. The Seattle game was one of the few games I've watched this year. It was insane.

    Anyone here agree that the conference games are more exciting than the super bowl?


  • Almost always are. The Seattle game was a huge dumpster fire for the first fifty six minutes and then poof, they win. Doubt that'll happen against new england though
  • Las Vegas has the spread at 1 point or as a pick 'em in some cases. Based off that it should be a really good game. I think they just draw it out so much with so much non-football stuff that the game is more of side-show rather than the main event.
  • Given my screen name, I was disappointed after the AFC Championship game and therefore didn't really care much about the Super Bowl.  I didn't even watch the whole game... in part because we got in at 2 AM after driving 17 hours from Disney World to home to beat the snow... I was too tired to care, and I honestly can't remember much of the game aside from Katy Perry riding a big silver tiger.
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