October 2014 Moms


Hey everyone! 

I used to be around here quite a bit before my little girl was born. I can't believe that was over three months ago. 
My husband and I have been getting used to having three kids 5 and under. I'm hoping to be on the board some more now that I am getting more sleep and the kids and I are all in our routines :]
I made this collage yesterday. I really can't believe how fast babies grow! She is learning how to giggle right now and I'm having so much fun with her.
 I have missed you all, and hope you and your littles are doing well. I can't wait to go through some posts and see pictures of your cute babies! 

 Jackson: December 09' 
Remington: July 12'
Piper Jo: October 14'
m/c on 10/18/13. We miss you Peyton

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