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Modified bed rest

I'm 39 weeks and was put on modified bed rest, meaning I have to stop working and try to have as little activity as possible. I'm wondering how I'll be cooped up in my house and resist the urge to clean and such. Anyone else have this? Anyone have suggestions of things to do to keep you busy and off your feet when all you want to do is be productive?

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  • I'm on modified bed rest. Luckily I can still work from home - I just have to do so from bed while lying on my side.

    When I have the urge to get up I just tell myself - do I really want to risk my baby's health by doing a load of laundry or dusting? The answer is of course not.

    So I have been binge watching things on Netflix, playing games on my phone, bumping, and reading.
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  • I'm not on bed rest, but the days I felt sick I discovered crocheting.  I started making baby booties and hats and blankets.  Even if you don't know how to crochet or knit, youtube can help you work wonders in learning how.  There is even videos online that can walk you through patterns.  If your interested in stuff like that or DIY activities than it might work for you.  If not... I also got by with Netflix, reading books, researching with and making a family yearbook online with a site called BookSmart.  Good luck!!
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