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Switching to a bottle help

LO is 11 weeks old and has been EBF. We've been trying to get him to take a bottle because I'm just physically/mentally exhausted and he's just refusing. My other two were formula babies, so I have no experience with this.

Any suggestions? We've tried 3-4 different types of bottles.

Re: Switching to a bottle help

  • Have you tried having your H/SO or someone other than you start with a small maybe 1oz feeding and introducing it that way? 
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  • We used Tommee Tippee and she went back and forth between the boob and bottle fine until the very end. 

    Try having someone give her the bottle before she gets super hungry, and while you are not there. It really does make a difference.
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  • Thanks, I've heard of Tommy Tippee, but we haven't tried it yet.

    I am taking him to my parents for a bit tomorrow so I can see a friend. I'm feeding him before I go and praying he'll take the bottle of pumped milk from my mom.
  • When we introduced the bottle we used Muchkin latch bottles - that seemed to work very well - although we introduced a bottle early on to get her used to it knowing I would need her to take a bottle when I went back to work
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  • We started with the Avent natural bottles. LO is now on the Dr. Browns. We were EPing but then started BF again periodically to try to increase my supply. Now LO refuses the bottle at night but will take it earlier in the day. To get her to take the bottle I breastfeed for a few minutes then offer the bottle. This sometimes works so maybe worth a try.
  • I second the munchkin latch! The nipple is made of a thinner/lighter material that my LO preferred over any other. But she's an equal opportunity eater... If she's hungry, she doesn't care what type of bottle!

    Before I switched to formula, I had my husband feed her the bottle and she did 100times better then when I tried. Then she go to a poin where she realized the bottle went quicker, and we were good to go!
  • Thank you all so much! We will be trying these out!
  • Also consider this...DD would only take a bottle if she was laying on the floor. Strange but true. So consider different positions too.
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