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HI All-

I'm due in August 2015 and was hoping to connect with other new or experienced moms in the Eugene area. Does anyone have experience with birth at Sacred heart or Peacehealth Midwifery Center? Thanks!!

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  • Personally I have not but I have been at riverbend 5 births with friends and was not impressed. I delivered both of my boys at Mckenzie willamette and loved it. I will be delivering their again the end of April. Good luck and of you have any more questions ask away .
  • Thanks so much! Do you have any specifics that you could compare between the two hospitals?

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  • I like that at Mckenzie you labor birth and stay all in the same room. The staff at Mckenzie has always been more helpful and personal. I know that both hospitals have free tours where you can see the whole maternity ward and ask questions. You can set up a time at any point in your pregnancy to tour the hospitals and I would really suggest doing that before you make a decesions. They both have very different feels. Also something to consider is how you want to deliver and if you foresee any complications. I know at Mckenzie I had a tub in my room that I labored in ( not delivered) and it was a great relief. I do not know what riverbend has. Also at Mckenzie they were very helpful at helping me and my friend labor med free and gave me many ways to do so. Wireless monitor on the baby so I could walk the halls, birthing balls, birthing balls etc. they are amazingly helpful. My friends did not receive that attention at river bend.
  • I delivered at RiverBend in 2012. I wasn't very happy with my experience. The facility is gorgeous, but understaffed. The labor rooms have jacuzzi tubs and birthing balls and wireless monitoring are available, too. I don't have any complaints about L&D, really. It was the postpartum experience, especially trying to figure out breastfeeding, that was extremely frustrating. I delivered on a Friday night and on weekends there was only one LC available for the entire mother-baby unit. She was just about worthless, tbh. There were long waits for pain meds and assistance with going to the bathroom. We ended up requesting a discharge at 24 hours post birth.

    RiverBend has the Level III NICU, and that alone may be enough of a reason for me to go back there despite my experience the first time, but everyone I know who's delivered at McKenzie-Willamette raves about the quality of care and attentiveness. 
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