Frustrated with lack of leave

I have a minor vent today that is semi related to the article about leave time that's been circling the boards.
I am current thinking of leaving my job now and in researching other companies one of the main things I've been looking at is paid time off for adoption leave. My company currently offers 6 weeks ( paid adoption leave) which I thought was normal however one of our competitors only offers 2! I guess they don't have to offer anything ( other than FMLA) but this is a large very recognizable company. I guess I'm just feeling frustrated. Are my expectations out of line? Is 2 more the standard? Thanks!

Re: Frustrated with lack of leave

  • The company I work for offered no paid time adoption leave. I had 4 weeks of PTO in my bank I used and I took another 6 weeks off unpaid. It sucks! My husbands employer offers an adoption reimbursement, so we are using that to compensate for my time off without being paid, although we won't get reimbursed until finalization. So with the cost of adoption itself, being off without getting paid, adding diapers, formula, and daycare already a month and a half without pay, it was a struggle! I work for a local company, my husband works for a large company.
  • I don't think you can have any expectations, as it varies so widely. Other than FMLA, many companies offer nothing at all. I was lucky in that I paid into a state STD fund that gave me half of my FMLA time off with at least some pay.
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    Thanks Dr.Loretta. I think I'm just going to have to adjust my expectations!

    I'm sorry to hear that alishakay but glad it worked out for you! Thanks for sharing your story!
  • I just realized yesterday that my very large international company get 2 weeks paid for adoption (8 weeks for vaginal birth, 12 for c-section).  I was pretty shocked and disappointed.  Our current plan is the 2 weeks paid, 2 weeks vacation and do the rest unpaid.

    I didn't realize that companies gave 8 weeks (or so) paid was because the birth mother was basically on medical disability.  I thought it was to bond and get used to new schedules etc.

    I was pretty disappointed ... just another little kick in the stomach for not being able to get pregnant ... OK pity party over!  It's Friday!!
  • Thanks everyone for all the replies! It's nice to have a group of people that understand how I feel about this as well!
  • I used to work for a large billboard advertising company that claimed to be a "big family."  I won't name names, but let's just call them Ma Lar.  They offered not one bit of paid leave, and when I presented the idea of paid leave, or adoption reimbursement, I got crickets.  I also had to pump in a bathroom when I induced lactation, AND they tried to bully me into putting off my hysterectomy so I didn't miss a corporate training seminar for a job I'd promoted out of more than a year prior.  Yea.  Still bitter.    
  • That's ridiculous Erin! I'm sorry that happened to you. I hear you on the feeling bitter part! 
  • I don't know what's standard. I get 5 days paid. Anything after that and I can use sick leave for up to 15 days (so I'd be paid for 20 days). Anything after that would be unpaid.
  • I work for a huge multinational company and I have no Paid time leave for adoption and they do not have the adoption reimbursement program, in fact, my company doesnt give a crap to those adopting...
  • I work in education.  We use any sick/personal days that we have accrued and the rest is upaid:(.
  • I quit my job when B came home, but I didn't qualify for FMLA yet since I had only been there 9 months, and I don't think they offered any paid time off for birth or adoption (I worked for a municipality).  DH works for a different municipality and had been saving his PTO to pay for part of his leave.  He also used FMLA unpaid leave for a while I think.
  • My job doesnt offer any paid maternity leave. I was able to use my sick days. I was only going to take 2 weeks and save the rest of my time for restless nights And illnesses but while we stayed at the hospital i contracted MRSA on my thigh from a toilet seat (I am just convinced of it) and had to take an additional 3 weeks. I spent two weeks in the hospital after my kidneys shut down from infection and antibiotics. It was hard. I felt like I didn't even have time with my daughter. I just finished winter break at school and we had 4 snow days this week so I am enjoying this time. It was harder to go back to work after Christmas than after my leave.
  • I was actually fired from my job for adopting!  I was a contractor so I didn't qualify for benefits or FMLA.  My husband was military and received 3 weeks of leave (ironic because if I had given birth he would have only received 10 days for that, usually it's the other way around).  Still, everything happens for a reason and it ended up being a blessing in disguise :)
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  • It sucks how little leave paid or unpaid everyone gets.

    My H gets 0 paid. But he's at least allowed to take some unpaid or use PTO.

    I've been at my job long enough to accrue sick time. It's one reason I'm still there. So I'll have 6-7 weeks paid I think?

    It's so frustrating.
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  • I was only given 8 days from my school district and then FMLA. In my state the first 6 weeks of FMLA are paid, but it is not close to what I am paid, but it was something. It was extremely frustrating to watch other friends take months of time off since they birthed a baby (they get 40 days of sick time if they have it, FMLA, and any disability they pay into) but there was nothing I could do. I had over 40 days saved, but was not allowed to use them. It's super frustrating and discriminatory in my opinion.

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