Babies: 9 - 12 Months

My baby has the flu :(

I'm so bummed out.  My son just got diagnosed with the flu strain A and he's on Tamiflu now.  The doc said we caught it early, so it likely wont turn into anything severe, he'll just have a fever for a couple of days.  He started out yesterday with a temp of 101 around 3 pm.  Then by 7:30 it was 99.  At midnight it was 102, after some Tylenol and water...I checked him again around 2am and it was 98.  This morning it was 102.5!  So we took him in and they swabbed him.  30 min later they called and said he did in fact have the flu.  I just feel bad for him.

Anyone else go through this?  And if so, how long until your babe no longer registered a fever?
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