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What are you all doing for your little ones 2nd birthdays? (Omg how are they already going to be 2?!?)
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  • We're having a party (smaller than last year). Just direct family and DS's DC friends. Doing a Bubble Guppies theme and having pizza, salad, cake and ice cream.
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  • We're having a small party with family and few close friends who have kids. We are doing a construction theme lol our town has a giant community house you can rent for $25, it has a commercial kitchen on 1 level and a full gymnasium on the 2nd level so we are bringing balls, setting up a small bounce house and bringing a few other things to keep kids entertained lol
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  • Ninja turtles pizza party! We're just having a few of our friends and the neighbours over for homemade pizza and cupcakes. And we'll turn turtles on for background noise.... Basically just adults hang out and the 4 kids can run around like crazy and play.
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  • We're having a low key party at our house with DS's and DD's friends from our neighborhood, who are all around the same age. My parents will also be flying in to be here for their birthday. We'll be having snacks and cake, with a Mickey and Minnie theme (my kids are obsessed!).

    I'm very behind in planning. I haven't even gotten the invitations out yet, and their birthday is 3 weeks away. I need to get moving on this! 

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  • We are taking a day trip for DDs Birthday - we are going to a big Aquarium about an hour and a half away and spending the day in a small coastal town with lots to do
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    At first I thought this thread was going to either be about a second child or poop. :pensive:

    We're doing a Muppet themed party with family and a couple of close friends. Keeping it pretty low key this year, doing a huge party at the firehouse last year was fun, but exhausting!

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    Just like last year we're having it at the bowling center my DH works at. This year the theme is actually bowling though.  Looking at about 25 people.  Pizza, cake and bowling.

  • @Puck1182‌ I thought the same thing. Lol. We are doing a pizza party and "construction" theme cake. Smaller party than last year of course. Just immediate family, close aunts/uncles and close friends. I'm looking to send out about 10-15 invites. How is my baby turning 2??!!!!!

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  • I'm a terrible mother and I'm doing jack-sh!t.  Nicky's birthday is Feb 28th and hat's the day we fly to my sister's destination wedding.  Happy birthday, now sit on a plane for five hours, sleep in an airport hotel and do the same thing tomorrow.  Every toddler's dream, right?

    The weekend before, I have a chorus retreat in WA state, about 2 hours away.  My mum isn't going, so depending on how she feels with chemo etc she might rustle up a cake so we can at least get a picture of him with some candles.

  • @seadragon2013‌ yes we are!! Our science center membership is supposed to get us into the aquarium for free in March which is when DDs birthday is and none of us have been there before but we keep hearing we have to go. I can't wait!
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  • No party. I have a big group playdate the day after and I'm going to bring cupcakes and goodie bags. I bought him a cute shirt to wear and I want have 2 year pics taken. That's it.
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  • So we decided to do an little kids indoor amusement park. They offer free tables for the cake and presents and unlimited rides for kids. Got a groupon for $8.00 and I'm making parents pay for their own kids if they come.


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  • Small party, probably with just my parents and sister...maybe invite the neighbors.  Might go Paw Patrol or Bob the Builder themed if I can get my stuff together.  And we'll probably do a playdate with our mommies group a couple of days before at the park.

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  • We were supposed to do a joint party with my BFFs son (his bday is 3 days later- and he's a year older), but DH works the weekend she wanted to plan it, so we're doing our own at home the weekend after. So 10 days after his birthday will be his party. Just my parents and our friends with kids of a similar age. We'll probably have snacks and do lunch and cake.

    Right now he loves Animal and Swedish Chef muppets or we will do Backyardigans. I should probably think about the cake soon.... 
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  • We are inviting close friends and family. Which, is about 40 people, 14 of which are little kids. For dds first few birthdays, I did a meal, but it is too much work, so I am just doing some snacks and cake and ice cream.

    Ds party is next weekend, I bought decorations and ordered the cake today, I was freaking out because I had nothing done yet.

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  • A few friends and family. It's a crayola themed party...DHs idea! We'll have to have it a couple of weeks after her bday since DD2 should be arriving any day now...
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  • AW! From our party yesterday

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  • We are just doing our family and one set of friends that have a daughter dd's age.  It is a joint celebration of dd turning 2 and FIL turning 71...his bday is the day after.  Unrelated sort of: It is very sad why we know this set of friends and why they are invited but other friends aren't - their first daughter is buried beside our first daughter at my home church.  When our second daughters were born 8 days apart I got her email from our church secretary and we have become good friends since then.  I just feel like I want them included always because of the bond we share.  It is so sweet to see our girls together.

    As for food, I really wanted to do breakfast/brunch for dinner but my dad says that is weird, so I am rethinking.  I think he just doesn't like breakfast :)

    We are so thankful that our second daughter, Lillian Elizabeth "Lily", was born healthy and happy on February 11, 2013.  We love her to pieces.  

    We lost our first daughter, Hannah Grace on May 4, 2011.  She was buried on May 14 during a beautiful service at my home church. We are grateful that if she could not be here with us, that she is healed and whole with the Lord. We look forward to the day when we will get to meet her. We love her so much.

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