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I've been reading a lot about this topic to prepare and think about how to get my LO to sleep later on. However, I was wondering what ages are best to start or have worked for some moms on here. My LO is 6weeks and 2 days and we are slowly creating a routine especially at night.

I suppose I'd like to hear how strategies that have worked for some moms and what hasn't. Also, what about fussing and crying to sleep? I'm trying to not bounce/walk/rock LO to sleep because I don't want to have to break habits later on. So I've been putting him down and if he fusses I'll pay his tummy and let him know I'm nearby. If he actually cries I check his diaper and make sure nothing else is wrong and will cuddle a few moments before putting him down again.

Anyway, this is just a topic I'm interested in lately.

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    With my first LO, we did not start sleep training until about six months. I would definitely not start before at least four months, and I even think that is too young, just personally.  We did a Ferberish method with her and it worked well. I highly recommend this book...

    It describes several different sleep training methods without advocating any one of them in particular.  More importantly, it discusses when and when not to start sleep training based on what they are going through developmentally.  This book was a life saver for us!
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    We started our first daughter from day 1. Sleep training doesnt just involve the crib but also your daily routine. We give a bath each night, lotion, baby massage, and then bottle. We will play for a bit and then start winding down. This isnt consistant to a T, however we stay pretty close to it :) This allows for modification without totally messing with the schedule. Ive read that using the same lotion/smell at bed time lets them know that when they smell this it triggers "time for bed/wind down" She was not totally sleep trained until about 6 months but we started seeing positive results as early as 3 months. every child is different. Sounds like you are taking all the right steps and as long as what you are doing works for you then you cant go wrong!
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    4 months MINIMUM. In the meantime, do what works to get baby to sleep.
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