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A message from a former bumpie I think you should see

"I want to know how you - in any form of good conscience, or professionalism, or with any sense of deceny - think you are being fair with the post you have put up on the Bump HQ board.

I have been a member of this site for over five years. Since I lost my first precious baby and came here, broken and devastated, to the TTCAL board. Where I found compassion, and support, and most importantly honest information about how to go forward. I stayed there through four more losses, then moved to PGAL for my two successful pregnancies. Pregnancies I spent every day of in abject terror, waiting to bleed, lose and ache again. And I thankfully, thankfully, thankfully moved on to Parenting. Where I found compassion, and support, and most importantly some good humor to get me through this new quagmire of being home all day with two children who aren't easier to parent for all the hardship in bringing them into the world.

I have offered in return (yep, you guessed it): compassion, and support, and honest information, and good humor. I have engaged in hours of discussion, and exchange, and I have made (and I think been) true friends here.

And now you have the audacity to call me a "bad apple?" To imply that my banning was somehow justified when all I did was ask why the Mods had been summarily dismissed and then expressed understandable anger at the complete lack of response to that question? When I didn't appreciate being treated with so little respect and consideration. I am the bad apple? You really think it's okay to call me names? To imply I am somehow responsible for the reprehensible treatment of this community?

You can't fix this. You can admit that you allowed an employee way too much leeway and are reaping rewards for her (and her team's) bad decision making. That's just what an decent company would do at this point. But acting like the affronted party, acting as though YOU are the wronged parties, waiting DAYS to respond to valid member concerns and then doing so by insulting us, is so offensive, there's no hope to return from it.

I'd rather be with those other "bad apples" who stood up and said "that's enough." Because it is, indeed, enough.

The Poster Formally Known as ScoutNumbers."

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