dissapointed :-(

At the end of December DH and I were contacted by a woman wanting to make an adoption plan. She's due at the beginning of April. We've been texting. I've talked on the phone with her a few times. We even drove 2 hours away to meet with her. All was going well and (against my better judgement) I allowed myself to get excited and got my hopes up.

Yesterday she called me. Her aunt has a friend that wants to adopt. so...she is going to talk to the aunt's friend and unless she really dislikes them, she's going to go with them. I want her to do what she wants, the best choice for her. I am happy for her. However, I am extremely dissapointed for myself. I am so sad about this. This is the first real "action" we've had since we became home study approved a year and a half ago.

No on IRL really gets it so I thought venting here might make me feel a bit better.

Re: dissapointed :-(

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