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Terrible diaper rash or something else?

My LO is 2 mos old and has the most awful diaper rash I have ever seen. It is red and patchy and sometimes the cloths I wash him with are a little bloody. Dr says it is a yeast infection and said use Lotrimin, but after two days I see little improvement. I am planning on calling the Dr again, but wanted to see if anyone out there had thoughts or ideas.

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Re: Terrible diaper rash or something else?

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    leela02leela02 member
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    My first thought was yeast also. Or maybe he is having an allergic reaction to something (diaper/wipes/cream/lotion/soap) and you have to try a different brand. I would call the doctor though 'cause if the Lotrimin isn't doing much maybe he needs a prescription for something stronger. Also it's important to keep his diaper area dry after you wash him, you can pat him really dry with a cloth or use cool air from a blow dryer. My daughter hasn't had any irritation since we stopped using moist wipes except when she poops.
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    Agree with PP. My LO had a horrible rash before we were even discharged from the hospital. Nothing was working. Turned out to be yeast also. We needed prescription Nystatin powder. If the Lotrimin isn't working request the script from pedi. Also, we stopped used wipes and used warm wet wash cloths til it cleared and sensitive diapers. Let the tush air dry or pat it dry before putting anything on it. I also alternated the Nystatin with Aquaphor so he wouldn't get too dried from the powder. Goodluck!
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    if you are all about natural home remedies then i suggest corn starch! We use 1/2 bottle of baby powder and i bake corn startch for the other 1/2 of the bottle

    If you thin out corn starch on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes it should go from white to a light brown/yellowish color.

    with each diaper change we use a cream for the bottom and then sprinkle the powder on the diaper. we have had GREAT success with this. if it is indeed a yeast infection of course the baby may need an antibiotic. we have never reached that point (Thank heavens).

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    My LO has been battling thrush for the last six weeks which resulted in yeast infection on his poor bottom.  It was red and blistery with little dots of blood by the time we realized that it wasn't just a diaper rash.  The lotrimin cream took maybe two days to really help but it did clear it up after using it for the full 10 days.  Make sure you are using scent free wipes (we use pampers sensitive) because the scented ones just irritated it more and made him miserable.  Hope it gets better soon!
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    My DD1 once had a yeast diaper rash and a generic athlete's foot did the trick. We saw improvement in about 3 days, longer than what the nurse told me so I was on the verge of calling them but then all of a sudden it got better. Oh and lots of nakey bottom time to air it out.
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    sounds like a yeast diaper rash our LO had the same thing.  We needed a prescription and it was 90% gone within 24 hours of using it.  If it's a yeast diaper rash, DO NOT use corn starch it will feed the yeast and make it worse.
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    Our ped had us do Lotrimin, topped with 40% zinc oxide butt paste, topped with corn starch powder, for each change. This cleared it up quickly, though it was quite a pain. Do make sure the baby is completely dry first. Also, try to do some open air time without a diaper every day.
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