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Target ....

Target is leaving Canada!!

It's all over my Facebook page this morning.

Re: Target ....

  • I saw that too. I don't know what I would do if Target left the US.

  • !!!  Whoa.....sad day.  I'd be much more sad about that then TB exodus :)

    Surely something similar will come in to fill the Target demand?  Or is Target leaving because there isn't enough demand??
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  • @Natty13umppo‌
    You've heard the phrase 'Go Big or Go Home'? That's what Target did and IS doing.
    Basically Target spent far too much money to renovate too many stores for super quick openings with inadequate stock. They continued to open more stores but could not maintain a decent inventory level in any stores.

    I've been to Target where shelves in some areas have remained nearly empty and low on merchandise for months at a time. I see them unpacking seasonal merchandise, but everyday items seem sparse.

    I had hoped Target would figure it all out. I think another large chain could do well, but they need to take it slow and steady.

    What is saddest is that store employees didn't know it was definitely happening until they saw/heard the news this morning.

  • Dude....that sounds lame.  Nothing worse than a poorly stocked Target.  :(  And certainly sucks for the employees!
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