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Has anyone delivered in Einstein Montogomery or Paoli?

Hi ladies! I'm about 20 weeks and due with my first. I was looking to switch doctors to be closer to home and I've narrowed down my hospitals to Einstein Montgomery or Paoli. I've heard good things about both, so I'm having a difficult decision deciding on where to deliver. Can you ladies share your experiences and recommendations? Thanks!

Re: Has anyone delivered in Einstein Montogomery or Paoli?

  • Hi! I'm 29 weeks pregnant and planning to deliver at Einstein Montgomery :) I have liked them so far - had 3 ultrasounds there. However, their billing department does a pretty bad job of communicating. That is the only complaint I have about them so far.
  • Congrats! The facility seemed great during the tour. Who is your doctor?
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  • I didn't deliver there but a friend of mine delivered at paoli and hated it.  They didn't listen to any of her wishes and pushed her for meds and interventions plus her bf at the time was able to make medical decisions for her (not married).  I don't personally have experience there but that would turn me away from it.
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  • I'm actually using Ronni Rothman - she is a midwife that is in association with the hospital :)
  • I don't have personal experience with Paoli but my cousin has two friends that had horrible experiences with it. One of the girls almost died!
  • I delivered at Paoli and had a wonderful experience. Will be delivering there again!!
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