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prefold stash question

Hey ladies!
I love checking out this board and I am addicted to all things CD so I am fascinated by the knowledge you all seem to possess.

I am due in May and I am pretty set on going the prefold and PUL cover route.
I have a front loader with softened water so I am thinking the prefold route might eliminate some of the issues people seem to have with washing pockets and inserts.

I am pretty set on Green Mountain Diapers and just wondering how many you all would suggest of each size?
Also did you use every size? Some of them seem so close together...
Anyone find that a newborn size didn't fit and should have started with small?

I am also planning on using GMD hemp doublers unless you all can suggest something better?

And one last thing, any favorite covers out there? My research has me strongly considering rumparoos and thirsties, any thoughts on that?

Sorry, that was a lot to throw out all at once, FTM here and I am a total noob to all this! If you have any thoughts on a prefold stash, I would love to hear them.
I can't wait to start actually CDing so I can contribute to this board!

Re: prefold stash question

  • In general we recommend about 36 changes for a newborn, 24 when they graduate to one size (OS).

    We started out with GMD smalls (yellow) at about 3 weeks, but DS had weight gain issues so he was pretty much still NB size then. The smalls were a bit bulky and we had to fold the rise down for a little while, then he outgrew the rise around 12-13 weeks. We did ok with 24 yellow edge prefolds and about a dozen fitted diapers that we had from a trial for this stage. We have 24 red edge prefolds that still get used at 2.5 years, just not as much now that DS goes to daycare.

    GMD hemp doublers are good quality, I'm really happy with them. Rars and Thirsties both have great reputations. Blueberry covers are also well-regarded.

  • I only used prefolds from 2weeks until he outgrew them at 4 months (I have a slow grower), but I did like my Bummis covers even though they are sized.

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  • We used NB prefolds until about 5-6 weeks. My son was 7.5 lbs at birth, so not small. I had a few smalls and they would have been ok but super bulky.

    You might consider just going with NB & small for now, then seeing how LO grows and what sizes you'll need. You could also get some flats (which I've recently discovered and love) as they will fit forever.

    Also, take a look at the workhorses from GMD. They are awesome for nighttime when you are sleep deprived and changing in the dark, and when you have other people help. The snapless also fit a very long time.

    I like the thirsties and RaR covers a lot. That's what I had for NB.

    GMD hemp doublers are good. We still use them for overnight with some of our fitteds.
  • Thanks for the responses! I have read that about 36 changes is good for newborns, would you recommend getting 36 newborn size or some newborn and some small?
    I will definitely look into flats. My mother and mother-in-law will be my primary childcare options when I am at work and both are familiar with and comfortable with prefolds, so that seemed like a natural way to go...
    Thanks ladies!
  • I'm due in June and am going the same route as you! I bought a couple dozen different kinds of prefolds. Osocozy and kawaiis. And for some reason I'm super drawn to thirsties covers soooo hopefully they work for me! I also got some green mountain workhorses for night and long car rides if we have any. They're size small though soooo hopefully I have a grower on me. I know they'll fit eventually Haha
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  • I like Flip covers, but I've definitely got a BG addiction lol.


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  • We love GMD prefolds. We had 3 doz. orange edge (newborn), and 2 doz. yellow edge (small). Both my babies were 8lb 1oz. at birth, and were only in the newborn size for maybe 3 weeks. So, we probably could have skipped the newborn size, but if you don't know how big your baby will have to make the call. As for covers, I also really like flips (with snaps). Second choice would be thirsties.
    I love that quote in your siggy <3


    Dx: Vasa Previa w/DS1
    **Tinymin born 8/14 @35w1d**
    "Annnnnnd you win the award for best SN evar." -LindsRockies

  • I second the workhorse rec, even if you only get a few. I love them.

    My daughter is still in nb GMD prefolds at 9 weeks (she's just under 10 lbs now) but I only trifold them- they probably wouldn't fit if I was using Snappis. I'm just starting to use small workhorses.

    I'm using Thirsties duos, Rumparooz, and Blueberry mini-coveralls, and they've all been great. Even with just trifolding, we haven't had a single blowout with any of them.


  • Looking forward to you participating more! If you haven't gathered, this community is going through a big change. You can follow developments in the Who's Still Here? Thread. If it's TL/DR, just go straight to the last handful of posts.

  • Thanks to the ladies who replied here! I appreciate it! In thinking I will wait to order the larger sizes for now

    This is what we used to help us narrow down our options. We will be doing primarily flip covers.

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  • My six month old still uses her trifold newborn GD but only when we are at home. I just moved from newborn fitteds to medium fitteds. I only have 10 now at 6 months and rarely have to dip into my prefolds at this point. I love blueberry covers!
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