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How does baby sleep best?

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As I'm sitting on LO's floor with a shusher app (aka creepy guy shushing)going on my phone wondering when I can leave, wondering how your LO prefers to be put down to sleep, like the first time you put LO down at night, not the 9 million different things you try in the middle night in the name of an hour of sleep.
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How does baby sleep best? 202 votes

Are you kidding? I can't put little one down. EVER.
5% 11 votes
Completely swaddled, in crib.
21% 44 votes
Completely swaddled, in RNP or other non-crib thing.
15% 32 votes
Half-swaddled, crib.
8% 18 votes
Half-swaddled, RNP or similar.
4% 10 votes
Miracle suit, crib.
0% 2 votes
RNP, no swaddle.
9% 20 votes
Crib, no swaddle.
23% 47 votes
My baby never sleeps...ready to commit myself!
2% 6 votes
5% 12 votes

Re: How does baby sleep best?

  • We are still fully swaddling in halo sleep sack in crib with a rolled up muslin blanket on either side of her. BUT, I was watching her squirming a little while ago thinking she might be able to settle better if she could move around more but then those arms...they wake her up in 3 seconds flat. Plus she's learning to roll. Maybe time for the Merlin suit.
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  • Usually just lay him in his rnp and he goes to sleep. If it is a colder night or he's wearing thin pj's, then I will wrap a blanket around his legs. I found out while we were at the hospital that he will fall asleep the same way in a crib. I'll probably move him to a pnp or crib soon. He's getting too big for the rnp.
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  • We've been swaddling him in blankets in the crib (we call it a cot) next to our bed. He sleeps ok but usually breaks out of the swaddle so I've just purchased a zip up swaddle.

    Good luck with trying to get LO to sleep.
  • DS sleeps best unswaddled in his swing, but I'm not letting that be a habit so he sleeps either unswaddled in my bed or in his Merlin suit in the cosleeper.
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    At night she's unswaddled in an A&A sleep sack in the PNP.

    For naps. I can't put LO down. Ever.

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  • I am scared to stop swaddling. But we decided we are going cold turkey no swaddle at the end of the month. I am going to give it a week, and if she doesn't adjust after that we will get the merlins sleep suit. I just don't want to transition from the swaddle to the sleep suit and then from the sleep suit to just jammies (or a sleep sack)
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  • @angeltennis3‌ ...just curious...why don't you want to transition to sleep suit then to pjs? We did try cold turkey awhile ago. We gave it ten nights and it wasn't pretty but that was 4 or 5 weeks ago. Every once in awhile I try one arm out. I tried today at nap time and she woke herself up immediately after I put her down.
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  • @Klavanga74‌ I mostly want to see if we can avoid spending the money and cut out one more transition. I have nothing against the suit...but if after a week dd continues to sleep well enough that I can function, I would rather just go straight to pjs.

    This is also my only kid and I don't go back to work til April, so my daytime schedule is much more flexible than most. We formula feed as well, so if it is really bad it's pretty easy to ask my mom come over during the day to hang out with dd for a few hours so I can nap.

    We have been trying naps in the crib unswaddled and she sleeps just as long unswaddled as she does swaddled (30 minutes). That gives me a little hope, although she only takes short naps so it's hard to tell much from that.
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  • Completely swaddled in her bassinet.
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    wearable blanket or halo sleep sack with both arms out in the bassinet of the Breeze, which is basically the size of a pack and play.  I moved him recently so he would have more room to stretch out, but I'm not ready to have him at the bottom of the pack and play.  I like having him at eye level

    Naps are unswaddled in the crib or bottom of the pack & play.
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  • SS - We bedshare. I lay with him and nurse him to sleep. Then I get up and go do whatever if I want to, or I just go to sleep too. Easy peasy.
  • SS here. At night we swaddle him with his arms out, put him in his bassinet with him pacifier and let him go to sleep. The only reasoned swaddle is to make sure he's warm enough. DH and I like it cold when we sleep and we have had to turn the heat up nearly 10 degrees since we had DS just to make sure he doesn't freeze!

    *knock on wood* DS will sleep anyway any where. Any time I put him I the car seat he is immediately out cold. If I want him to sleep for a shower throw him in the swing and when I get out he's out cold and I can stop the swing. He will sleep in my arm or on a blanket on the floor. He's really not picky.
  • LO sleeps swaddled in a PNP.
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  • Swaddled with one arm out, and in the crib.  Friday night we are going to try completely unswaddled. He's the first kid who let us know that he was done with the swaddle.  My older boys had to be torn from the damn thing kicking and screaming!  Gray made it very clear to us that he was ready to be done with it.  He would fuss and squirm until he got an arm free and then he would blackout.  So we've been swaddling him one arm out for a week, and then we are going to give him both arms free.
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  • Dd had her first 5 hour stretch last night! She sleeps in a sleep sac in the RNP.
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  • During the day she naps like a champ. No swaddle and we are on day 2 of napping in the bottom on the PnP. Night time- the second I put her down starts a 2 hour battle to get her to stay asleep.
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  • He sleeps 3/4 swaddled. He has to have his right arm out or he freaks. I don't know why but he's been like this since about 4 weeks. He can't stand having his right arm pinned.

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  • Halo sleep sack with arms out, LO never liked her arms swaddled and in her crib.
  • We stopped swaddling once she turned 9 weeks and switched to a baby deedee sleep sack in a crib. Transition was really smooth. My LO loves her sleep nest. She seems to be the perfect temp, not cold & not hot. Not to mention she sleeps so much better in it.
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