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Baby discipline

My baby girl is 9mo and is starting to touch everything and testing how much we tolerate attitudes.
My house is almost baby proof but there are some things that I can't put at the ceiling! For example the sound bar and her father's xbox. Hehehe
Also, during diaper changing she makes some movements and screams showing that she's furious and with attitude. I'm a working mom and I just want to make every second full of joy, happiness and education. Help!!! Thanks!

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    DS is into everything right now too.  If I turn my head he'd be in the cat food.  He's an infant, that's what they do.  You need to redirect her attention to something else.

    Diaper changes, he screams and wiggles. I give him a small toy to hold so he's less inclined to climb all over the changing area. I also communicate to him "I know you are having fun but we have to change your diaper right now.  You can continue playing when we are done." I feel like some days he gets it, and eventually he will understand.  Babies learn from repetition.  

    We have a playard set up to keep him out of areas.  We don't have it connected in a big circle because that wouldn't work for us.  We secured one end to a corner wall, have it go past the fireplace, entertainment center, and bookcase.  Keeps him out of areas where we can't "move" things.  You should look into something like that if you cannot move larger items.  A xbox is small enough to move somewhere else.  

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    sheila27 said:

    I just want to make every second full of joy, happiness and education. Help!!! Thanks!


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    A. You can't discipline a baby

    B. Everything you're describing is healthy, normal 9 month old actions. Why would you want help to stop them?

    C. You need to get some realistic expectations about parenthood. There's no way every second will be full of joy, happiness and education.

    D. Buy a parenting book. Now

    This all the way. Good grief.

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    I'm going to have to agree with all the PP's, my lil guy has been rolling around on the changing table for months now and is that same age as your lo pretty much.  Babies just want to get a reaction out of you (because seeing your face is AWESOME to them) and learn about the world.  They have no clue that anything is "bad" behavior.  I think you have some serious expectation/normal development issues and need some education.  Books are helpful, this site can be helpful.  But, seriously...ease up on the kiddo!
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