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When did you start "catching your breath?"

I've noticed the last couple of days that I have to stop and catch my breath a lot. Like I'll be walking (I try to do about 2 miles a day) and I'll be out of breath by like the 1rst mile. It's frustrating... Especially when I'm trying to do stuff around the house and I get exhausted after doing barely anything!!

Anyone else experience this?

Re: When did you start "catching your breath?"

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    oh yes, it's kind of ridiculous. ?I would say that started happening to me around 20 weeks or so...


    I get winded from doing nothing....my DH is always asking...Are you OK??? ?LOL?

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    For me, it didn't really hit me until about 26 weeks, but going up to the high altitude in CO was REALLY awful!!  The being out-of-breath seems to be getting worse as my belly is encroaching on my ribs/lungs.
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