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hypnobirth suggestions before classes


First, thank you all for the wonderful support in my first trimester. I am an abuse survivor and you all just gave me such compassion and loving support!

I am 18 weeks now and feeling much more confident in my ability to have a calm and natural birth :)

I've used lots of visualization and actually have had multiple dreams of super positive relaxed births. Really helps!

Anyway. I am meeting the hypnobirth instructor in 2 weeks. We will sign up for a class, probably in May.

For now, I really wanted to start meditating with my baby. I found some hypnobirthing meditations on Amazon MP3. Has anyone found these helpful? I got one just to try... that is on positive pregnancy and bonding with baby. But is it helpful or harmful to do some hypnobirth type things before a class? Should I just wait?

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Re: hypnobirth suggestions before classes

  • I don't think it would hurt at all, just get you into the practice of relaxing. We really enjoyed our Hypnobirthing class, so good luck! I also looked and listened to basically anything I could get my hands on out there :)
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  • No, I don't think it would hurt!  There's really only one CD I can think of that I would avoid and that's the one called, "Baby come out" or words to that effect, meant to for a woman who is full term. 

    When you meet with the instructor, find out if you can get the book and Rainbow Relaxation CD early.  Our instructor sent it well before our class started.  It was nice to be able to listen to the CD beforehand.
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  • I plan to use hypnobirthing, but am not able to go to classes. So, I've read the book (my husband/birthing partner has too) watched YouTube videos. I've also found an app that I think really helps. It's free, but you have to buy the self-hypnosis guides. I bought all of them together for $6.99 if I remember correctly.
    I really think that anything that will help you learn to self-relax/hypnotize is going to be beneficial.
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