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I need to be more assertive!!! Help

This is my goal for the new year and so far I SUCK at it :( I'm not good at being assertive...I try to avoid confrontation and then when things build up I explode. It's awful and unhealthy. I have gotten better with time and have made some baby steps but its not enough. For example I was at target today sitting in the car before I went in because LO fell asleep and I wanted to give him a minute or two to finish napping. Some a-hole decided to push her cart inbetween the tightly packed cars (idk why she could have accessed her car without doing that!) and she clipped my side mirror. It didn't do anything but I so badly wanted to roll down the window and tell her to watch where she's going! That stuff is expensive to replace if its damaged :( but its like a mental block, I just can't do it :( I just figure that it won't change anything so why bother? It's little things like that and then bigger things like negotiating raises, dealing with co-workers, etc. I'm in school and by this time next year I will be working as a hairdresser. It's a competitive field and you have to be assertive in order to handle the clients and become successful. I don't want to be a doormat but I don't know where to start. Any advice on how to speak up? If it helps I grew up in an unstable home with fighting parents, I didn't not see a lot of healthy arguments and conflict resolution so I think that I assume that speaking up will end up in a fight and I avoid it.
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