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Sleep Sacks

DD is outgrowing her XL Halo sleep sack. The "big kids" ones have openings for the feet, which seems odd to me.  Has anyone used those? Do you like them? Are there any brands that make regular sleep sacks for 2 year olds? I can't seem to find any. Thanks!

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  • We have one that DS uses at daycare with the opening for the feet. It does the job, but I am wondering how good it's going to be once we transition him to a big boy bed and bedding. Zipadee Zip makes "flying squirrel" pyjamas that look exactly as the are described, but with openings at the hands and the feet. You could buy a size bigger and use it like a sleep sack over pyjamas.
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  • Thanks! The Baby Deedee sleep nest looks really nice, and fits up to 36 months!
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  • Just zooming by to say that I like the sound of a sleep nest, and I would like one for myself plz.

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  • We are a huge fan of baby deedee sleep sack. DS is almost 30 mons and still sleeps in one in his crib. I was a bit worried about his transition to big bed, he being a major kicker :) They have just launched another toddler range for 2-4 yrs and im going to order 1 on sunday. Love these!!
  • C flat out wouldn't wear sleep sacks, and we don't use one frequently with E, but his A&A large is still huge. Are they a different size?

    Ftr, I used a sleep sack with the feet holes until I was like 8, lol.
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  • Try Baby Deedee. There regular sleep sack size goes up to 36 months. My elder one slept in it till he turned 3 yo. By far the best baby product I've come across. Here's online link
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