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The board is dying...for real this time

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After last night's shit show, who's actually planning on staying here?

The board is dying...for real this time 102 votes

I will still go here
26% 27 votes
I'm OUT!
15% 16 votes
Lurker 4 lyfe
33% 34 votes
Not a member of this BMB, but staying on TB
1% 2 votes
SS-I don't even know what's happening here
22% 23 votes
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Re: The board is dying...for real this time

  • mssm2012 said:

    Mass bannings (including IP bans), no warnings, crazy rules, and now they've deleted the entire Parenting board history (all threads before today). Nope. I'm (nearly) outta here.

    Whoa, seriously?! They deleted all the Parenting history?

    I'm definitely out now. That's a dick move. A real dick move.
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  • I too have spent less time here as time goes on.  I'm not up on the drama but do not agree with some things that's read about.  ?  I will probably continue to hang and don't even know enough to know what other site/board, etc people are referring to.  I will not do fb

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  • For now, I'm still here. If everyone moves elsewhere and this Board dies then I will leave/move as well. I feel like we have (had?) a good community here and I'd hate to lose contact with you guys. (I also won't do FB.) 
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  • Just stopped in, haven't been in since before the holidays because...well....holidays! so busy.

    Sad to see something(???) is going on and people are leaving. This board has been a great comfort and huge resource for me during pg and still is. I really hope some of you ladies stick around. every day I say to myself "I really need to ask this Q on the board!" and I've been bad about getting on, but still. I hope everyone stays.

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  • I will still go here.....for now.  We'll see what happens.  I'm more likely to just leave baby forums completely than migrate over to the PB one.  (But maybe if a group of M14s get a good board going over there, I'd join?)  

    I know this board has been sloooooowly dying but it certainly seems extra dead right now!  Which is funny, but these last few days I have just started to have more time to bump!  Oh well!
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  • There is a March14 board set up if you guys want to take it over. A place to still be separate and do your own thing. I never post here anymore so nothing is really changing on my end. 
    [Deleted User]linzerdkelley72
  • I'm lost. Need to read.

    But what happened on Parenting that needed to be wiped out??

    (I'm just being nosy. I only looked at Parenting a few times. )

  • @linzerd‌ - you need to come join.
  • Where is this new board? You ladies have been a great help/ support I'd hate to lose touch with everyone. Thinking about FB too- is that still happening? Could someone pm me please? Ty!
  • go to ****  take a peak, it's great except having to learn to do gifs, etc again... 

    this may get me banned I've heard...

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  • I haven't been on this site in sooo long. Does anyone even remember me, lol? I was just stopping by to see how everything was going. 

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  • @lvlichelle‌, I remember you! :)
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  • KariB509 said:

    @lvlichelle‌, I remember you! :)

    Me too!


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