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Please tell me this is a phase

DS is 11 weeks old and he was doing really well. Still in a pack and play in our room and refusing to nap in his crib or really anywhere except the swing but going 6-7 hours at night, then suddenly he cut back to three and the last two nights he rarely went longer than an hour. I just handed my 2 year old my coffee mug and tried to drink her smoothie, I am so exhausted. I think he is getting up to nurse because nothing else helps. I have tried swaddling, I have tried co sleeping, I have tried the Rock and sleep and none of them make a difference. He would sleep soundly in the swing but it's not safe because he slides down or his head falls forward and he needs to be watched when he is napping in there. Do you think this is temporary?? Will i ever sleep again??
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Re: Please tell me this is a phase

  • Could it be a growth spurt? If he specifically wants to nurse, that's my guess.

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  • Puck1182 said:
    Could it be a growth spurt? If he specifically wants to nurse, that's my guess.
    That was my thought.  There is usually one around 3 months.

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  • That is what I am hoping- growth spurt means it will end at some point. It is just funny because he doesn't seem to be nursing constantly all day, just at night.
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  • I feel your pain! DS1 was a unicorn sleeper and this little guy is not. DS2 is 10 weeks and we have a similar pattern to your DS, although he naps in his crib (better in the swing). He goes from 6-7 hours one day to 2 hours the next, and back again. A few thoughts - if not a growth spurt, could it be a sick bug? My DS has a bug so I attribute the bad sleep to that. Also could it be pressure in his ears? It's recent but my cousins daughter never went longer than 2 hours until finally at 9 months they checked her ears and she got tubes. The pressure was waking her to nurse to relieve the pressure.

    Just a thought if it's not a growth spurt/wonder week (how I tell myself that this too shall pass when I can't remember my ATM pin I am so tired).
  • It's a phase mama.  You will sleep again, someday!
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  • Could it be a Wonder Week on the horizon? Check out the always seemed to be on track for my little one...
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    Maybe try and get him to nurse more during the day. Every 1.5 hours and see if that helps. Pump and give an extra bottle at bedtime
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